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I work at Facebook improving photo quality and performance. When I have time I'm a passionate photography enthusiast.


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On article Photo story of the week: I Am Legend (170 comments in total)

If you crop in portrait orientation to the middle third it’s much better.

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On article Western Digital launches its first portable SSD (143 comments in total)
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Davud: Add a SD reader and backup next

NEXTO makes a batter powered SSD backup device that doesn't require a computer.

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On article LensRentals tests the Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 FL ED (111 comments in total)
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(unknown member): I wonder what the effective focal length at 200mm and minimum focus distance is, the previous version was really only 135mm.

Well, the maximum reproduction ratio went from 0.12 to 0.21 which is 75% larger, however the minimum focus distance went from 4.6ft to 3.6ft, which would account for the size increasing by 22%. If you do the math ((.21/.12)/(4.6/3.6)) you get that it's about 37% bigger at the same focus distance. So if the old lens was effectively 135mm then the new lens would be 185mm. That happens to be roughly the same as the VR I, which nobody thought had an issue, so I'd consider this fixed.

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mantra: hi

i find the new acr 4.7 rc slower then before!

under windows 7 , did you notice the same?

The pre-release versions likely have extra debug code enabled so it will be slower than a full release version.

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Richt2000: So, as repeated when the 'e' was announced, for landcape shooters, Its not a few hundred £/$ more, its a few thousand as Tilt-Shift Lenses are a MUST to make the 'e' version worth-while for landscapers...

If you need a wide depth of field you either need to use a tilt-shift lens (tilted) or you need to stop down to a very small aperture which would eliminate the sharpness benefit of the 'e'. The alternative is focus stacking which works for some subjects.

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If I resize my images to fit within a 1960x1440 box before uploading I get very good image quality on FB.

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