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Sony FE 35 f2.8 comes with a lens hood. Can I use the Sony lens hood and a filter together? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Nov 17, 2017
How was water resistant is the Sony A7R/A7? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Nov 10, 2017
Panasonic GM1 beware sensor spots Micro Four Thirds Talk May 15, 2017
What is the expected shutter count live expectancy on the Sony A7R? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Apr 14, 2016
Panasonic GM1 video questions Micro Four Thirds Talk May 25, 2015
Is 15mm (30mm equivalent) focal length a good everyday walkaround focal length? Micro Four Thirds Talk Apr 27, 2014
Panasonic GM1 AFS vs AFC for video? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 29, 2014
To those who own an ONA BOWERY bag.. does the large divider fit? Will something 7 inches tall fit? Accessories Talk Jan 20, 2014
How compatible are Olympus lenses with Panasonic bodies? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 5, 2014
Difference between electronic shutter and mechanical shutter on Panasonic GM1? Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 16, 2013
Do the Olympus 12mm f2, 17mm 1.8, and 45mm 1.8 fit perfectly on the Panasonic GM1? Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 13, 2013
Does the the 12-32 kit lens that comes with the GM1 have a filter thread to attach filters to? Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 13, 2013
Is the Leica 25mm too big for the GM1? Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 12, 2013
What is the average file size for the 36MP A7R Raw + Jpeg using the highest quality settings? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Dec 2, 2013
No Leica or other fullframe lenses. Will the new Zeiss FE 35, 55, and 24-70 resolve the 36mp of a7r? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Oct 19, 2013
A7 and A7r bodies. Important construction materials difference. Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Oct 19, 2013
Handheld, and without a tripod, will I see the advantage of 36mp of A7R over 24mp of A7? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Oct 17, 2013
Does the Olympus OM-D with 12-40mm 2.8 Pro Kit come with the lens hood? Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 14, 2013
How does the 5d Mark III silent shutter work? Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Jun 29, 2013
Do I have to be at my delivery address to sign for an item delivered from Adorama or B&HPhoto? Open Talk May 18, 2013
What happens to cameras & lenses that are returned to and other sites? Open Talk May 16, 2013
dpreview of camcorders and video taking? Digital Video Talk May 8, 2013
X100S ooc jpegs color just as good as X100 Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Apr 2, 2013
Is the new S in front of the x100s body removable? Is it molded? or Is it just stuck on top? Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Mar 30, 2013
How scratch resistant is the front and back of the EVF/OVF of the x100/x100s? Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Mar 16, 2013
How important is 60fps as a creative tool? Digital Video Talk Mar 12, 2013
Nex-5r with Sel1650 Powerzoom VS RX100 stills and video image quality. Which is better? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Mar 11, 2013
Does the new X100s have an anti aliasing filter? Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Jan 8, 2013
Is the RX100 Zeiss sticker really removable? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Sep 18, 2012
How often do you guys replace your main camera?/How long do you keep your main camera Open Talk Sep 14, 2012
Does the SONY RX1 have image stabilization? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Sep 14, 2012
Does the RX100 have 1080p regular shooting speed recording? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Aug 25, 2012
Did Olympus release or will they release other weathersealed lenses? Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 7, 2012
Nice Sony mini site for RX-100 Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 31, 2012
The RX100 Case Thread Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 25, 2012
Dangerous choice! RX100 vs CanonM Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 23, 2012
RX100 and only Jpeg? Worth it? Or go RAW everytime? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 16, 2012
Are there free good RAW software? Do most use paid RAW software? Beginners Questions Jul 14, 2012
EOSHD RX100 Review Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 14, 2012
RX100 user tips Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 11, 2012
RX100 release date moved up Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 10, 2012
Are Optical Viewfinders or Electronic View Finders acquired tastes? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jul 6, 2012
What is the difference between down sampling a photo and just viewing it smaller? Beginners Questions Jul 4, 2012
Is there any benefit to setting a camera(RX100) to lower MP from its native? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jul 4, 2012
I LOVE THE SHAPE OF RX100! How likely will Sony keep the RX100 shape for the next RX? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jun 26, 2012
How likely is the RX100 to turn on by accident & lens cover opening inside a pocket? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Jun 22, 2012
Has Canon used Sony sensors in their S90,S95, and S100 camera? Will they use 1"? Canon PowerShot Talk Jun 16, 2012
How long does it usually take Sony to release a camera after it has been announced? Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Jun 12, 2012
What are the camera wrist straps that come with point and shoots made of? Beginners Questions Jun 9, 2012
Why doesn't the X-Pro 1 have WYSIWYG live view? Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Apr 20, 2012