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Nomoreheroes: Does the FW also bring weather sealing?

Hi Max ISO, just to clarify the battery usage:I shoot these babies mostly on film and TV sets. Our days are usually 12hrs, plus minus 2, this month just outside NYC in the freezing cold and a lot at night. During the day we have multiple setups that are shot multiple times from multiple vantage points or lenses. So about every 15-20 min the cameras get turned on, exposure evaluated, sometime shooting with the finder, more often with the LCD and then shoot dozens of frames, rarely a burst, unless it’s a fight or walk/drive scene. Sometimes I need new SD cards, so I shot 1300 frames (64 GB) and still have 30% charge left. That my real life...

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Nomoreheroes: Does the FW also bring weather sealing?

I don't know what people are doing. I'm shooting now Sony Ax... in the 3rd generation and never had any issues. While they're not Nikonos proof, they perform perfectly well in the real world. I'm getting consistent over 1500 shots per battery, use them in the rain (or the last couple of weeks between 9-30 F (aka -12 to -1C) temps outside for 12hrs plus, zero issues. Last night we had fog, rain and again zero issues. Obviously you can't go surfing with them, but then again it's a camera and there are housings for these occasions.

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How embarrassing, but that’s what you get if you go royalty free images. Canon, as a pro camera maker should support photographers, hire them, pay them and get the images they need. Hopefully it backfires on the penny pinchers at the company and they learn.

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On article Matthews unveils C-stand shoulder and roller bags (21 comments in total)

I love how it goes with my drum case for my beauty dish...the band's now really getting back together...otherwise, real nice.

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msstudio: Funny how the still market is obsessed with mega resolution and our moving image friends with HDR. All based on the same technology, more or less, and yes, I heard about 8k capture...All I want is smooth tones, huge range and quick in camera storage. Big enough for a billboard (which my Canon 5D M II already did).

Thank for your concern Scottelly. My main cameras these days are actually the current Hasselblad line up so I got that covered. Otherwise the A9 is also up there (not fully 8k but hey, they even upsample Alexa to 4k these days and no one notices)

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Funny how the still market is obsessed with mega resolution and our moving image friends with HDR. All based on the same technology, more or less, and yes, I heard about 8k capture...All I want is smooth tones, huge range and quick in camera storage. Big enough for a billboard (which my Canon 5D M II already did).

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On article Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM sample gallery updated (142 comments in total)

The f2.8 version is head and shoulders above the f4 version of the 70-200 for flare resistance alone. Besides the actual glass it also tells me coating is now up to pro standard and therefor the lens to get. Built quality feels slightly less then the Canon but for a system integrated lens with rapid AF and reliability it’s the way to go with Sony. I’m shooting this lens since it became available. A lot...

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On article Canon 85mm F1.4L IS USM sample gallery (323 comments in total)

I don't get the images, but an IS 1.4 85mm L is/should be a staple for most photographers. Maybe we'll see some 1/15s +/- exposures here...
I never understood why Canon had to make the point to create a 1.2 version that's expensive and heavy (when shooting all day), Japanese and tradition, but that's about it.
So welcome to the world 1.4 85...looking great...

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huremics: Really hoping that Eye-AF is dramatically improved. I find that feature on the A7rii to be quite limited in its ability to track the eye.

If the A9 is any indication then eye focus is vastely improved and totally reliable. I upgraded end of May, shooting the A9 now for 5 month, well over 150k exposures, 90% in low light, aka 4000 ISO, 5.6 at 1/50-1/100s. Very few occasions it doesn’t work. I was/am surprised and other seasoned and very qualified camera geeks on the team sometimes can’t believe it

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While I like my A9 for silent shooting (so far there was actually nothing like it), thinking about a Nikon that can be totally silent is somewhat mouthwatering. And versatile. Maybe that's the one for the 35mm department and I forget about my Canons and Sonys all together, one kit for nearly my applications would be nice and streamlined...

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I'm a longtime client of B&H and a proud member of a Local 600. I wish they would honor and treat everyone with respect and human decency, whatever their background. We, as in civilized world, been through too much to be dealing with any disrcrimination of any kind ever again. I'm actually surprised it had to come to this. One world-one love...

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Knowing Vincents brilliant photography I can see where he comes from and how it's a great tool for him and other that work like this.
The fun part with this solution starts with exposure time, at 24fps that's 1/48s, resulting in blury single images (not an issue for any movie), shooting 60fps solves a lot of this but tends to make the motion look a bit strange. Next up, you get 36mpx in your horizontal image (the chip has nearly 1:2 ratio) now unless you shoot video sideway, you need to crop your vertical image from this very wide Frame, so the whole interchangeability is not universal, and in that scenario, results in a medium res photo (4320pix high). Workflow is another often overlooked issue. Ever tried to edit a RED capture to find the single image, storage and time requirements can not be underestimated and are truly a PITA....And last, you can't sync it with a strobe, which some photo genres rely on.
So as usual, horses for courses.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2756 comments in total)
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Janoch: Interested in knowing how many batteries were required to shoot the mentioned 2800 photos?

I'm working with this camera now for 3 weeks and had a couple of days where I shot more than 2k images and had still battery charge left, yesterday was 2500 frames and about 30%. I'm actually stunned. Airplane mode on, electronic shutter, mostly AFS, limited review and usually a burst of activity of 5-10 min and then I shut the camera off for 15-30min, overall usage about 12hrs.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2756 comments in total)
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K1000usr: My ignorance shows here, but why are these mirror-less cameras beholden to such huge lens designs .!?

The bodies are shrinking, since there is no mirror involved. But look at this lens shown above in the title page. (Yes, it is a zoom lens, and some lenses shall be big/huge..)

Is this a reason why Olympus will still keep on shining? (Sony has impressive performance specs, no doubt. The camera looks compact, and really solid. I would want to own it. But only if its combination with a 24-70mm zoom is less voluminous than my K-1 with Pentax 24-70mm!)

The lenses are pretty much in line with same spec zooms from other manufactures, I just checked and your Pentax is only about 100g lighter (than the 2.8 24-70GM). So yes, the whole setup is not really balanced, but for physical/optical reasons the lenses need to be that way. On the other hand, there's always the f4 version and if you can live with that quality, you save yourself some weight (again, similar to other offerings) and money.

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On article Hasselblad knocks 30% off price of the H6D-50c (30 comments in total)

Nice, 8 month later and i could have saved quite a bundle, great Hasselblad! Let's find a way to make it up for the early adopters who funded your cashflow..., how about some free lenses, or 50% of on a set of 3 or so.

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On article DPReview on TWiT: Is the Sony a9 worth $4500? (223 comments in total)

Well, I find that price point a bit too high. I compare these bodies with a 5D series, so $3500 would be more adequate. But after the desasterous roll out of the GM zoom lenses last year, at least the bodies are available. I just got 2 and shot with them over 7k images so far. And I have to say I love them. Some major issues I had with the A7R II are now solved, dual cards, focus point selector were my main concerns. So therefore I'm super happy with the upgrade. Battery life is fine for me, 1300 frames and 40% left. Yet, the pricing with a second battery, screen protector and potentially a drive/grip pushes it toward US$5k, plus the GM standard zooms at $2500 brings a simple 2 body/2lens setup to $15k, that's hasselblad money. Obviously more versatile, but still only 14bit...

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2756 comments in total)

Re: "Sony's made claims that the a9 is weather resistant, but after handling the camera and flipping out the port doors, battery door and memory card doors, I just don't have the same faith that it would survive a downpour that a D5, 1D X II or E-M1 II could shrug off"-while I generally agree, but rarely am in the position, I had the most pleasant experience with my A7R II over the last 20 month I use them. January '16 we went from moist and tropical South Florida, to a sail boat during a rain storm, with nice waves of 10+' (me actually on a chase boat with a little roof) to Death Valley and not a single issue. Which really surprised me, so in regard of functioning, no issues here. I'll be in Iceland next month and probably only bring the A7R II's and maybe a MFDSLR (still debating if the 5Ds makes the cut).

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ScWi: Also not mentioned: What´s about the service? How long does it take to get an item of your gear fixed? In 2015 my 5D MK III had an screen broken, as it fell down some meters on an rock. 3 days after sending it to CPS service I got it fixed back. And my Alpha 7RII? It had an issue with the shutter release button. got it back after 14 weeks!!! I love my Alpha, but this lack of service has to be fixed immediatly.

I heard similar stories in the past. People actually having to buy another Sony to continue working (which I guess is good for Sony's bottom line). I broke my Sun shade of my Sony 24-70 2.8 in November and have a replacement on order since then, thats closing in on 6 month, so much for Pro (besides actually getting the new 2.8 70-200 which took about a year from intro, I ordered it once it was announced)...I'm not holding my breath on any Sony announcements anymore.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2756 comments in total)

As usual, there's a camera for every application. And some people shoot sport with a view camera, or studio fashion with a 400mm on a 35mmDSLR. So if you know what you want you can choose whatever camera suits these needs/requirements/looks.
This is another great tool with some nice advancements nothing else.

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Great concept. Looks ugly but we know what's coming, just not today. Bron is doing something similar for stills. Time to stay hi,an and get better. Love it.

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