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Unhappy with Canon: Canon has really let us down. We've waited years for an upgrade from the 1DS Mark III. So Canon tells us that the 'upgrade' will be a super expensive camera that has less resolution than the 1DS mark III. And we have to wait six (more) months- pushing the delay for the upgrade from the Mark III to 3.5 years.

I will not spend the money on this camera.

Canon is trying to dictate what we want, rather than listening to our concerns. Did serious photographers really want a combination video camera? Really?

What a massive disappointment.

And having tried the 1D Mark 4 this summer- that camera really did not prove its worth. The camera blew the whites (even after adjusting the CF settings) and rendered terrible colors.

Who would pay so much for such poor quality?

But hey, I have to produce the best images. Canon can no longer deliver.

And I hate being kept in the dark about new releases. It makes it harder to make good business decisions.

I never heard anybody saying 1D line as poor quality IQ. It seems like you do not know how to shoot. Don't blame the cam for your poor skills.

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Photodog7: To make a unbiased comment due to the fact I like both systems, it just seems like a long wait only for this. It does not seem like canon really made a good move. On one note, they seemed to address a lot of improvements photographers were looking for, but It seems like the camera is only a small step in front of nikons d3s which will be replaced soon. Then canon is bragging about the pixel size of 7 microns, and about the fact that it is 1.3 microns bigger than the 1d mark 4 and .5 bigger than the 5d mark 2. Sad to say that even though it is a few less megapixels, the D3s has 8.5 micron size, which is much larger. I also feel they just abandon their sports shooters by making only a full frame model. It is really important to have the reach that a 1.3 sensor can provide. Sorry, don't want to upset anyone unless there is something I don't know, Trying to evaluate why this was worth the wait, Despite the fact yes there is SOME nice new features with the camera.

Obviously D3S has 8.5 b/c of 12MP. We will see when they will come up with 18MP+. 1DS has much higher ISO (Nikon is not even comparable), much faster (9 vs 12/14), Not a little more MP but significant... you seem to ignore 6MP (1/3). Full HD. List goes on. Everything in this cam except pixel pitch (as a consequence) is better than D3S.

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jesse2: Still no full-time AF for video shooting?

@jesse2 ... pls go buy a dedicated video camera. Canon is NOT here to satify just you. This cam has a purpose and theres nothing in Nikon lineup to match its potential. Panasonic and other likes are NOT even a competition. They are for ameteur photographers. Get off the line.

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amir_np: After 7D and 5DMKII, This camera doesn't come better with this tiny improved features. This is a huge piece of Junk.

@amir_np ... What ??? You def. are a moron? Did you even read its huge spec sheet? It blows everything and that includes D3S on the market in that price. Don't make vague statements ... be precise and tell me which other model can beat it? Its the IQ and ISO that matters. Did you even notice it can shoot @ 12/14 fps and Full HD. 3 processors. MP is not really a big deal and 18 is fairly good. Canon made a good call.

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