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mark finn: I think it's more the culture of extreme individualism which puts social media likes above all other considerations.

Easy. It's the "my right to do what I want trumps everyone else's" mentality. Selfishness, in other words.

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I think it's more the culture of extreme individualism which puts social media likes above all other considerations.

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KrisAK: Would sure like to have seen a third, fixed-lens camera in there....

I think a lot of people here are missing the point - these are not designed for photographers who want to replace their fast lenses, they are designed for people who want a phone and who want to simulate the effect they see online or in magazines. For most of this group the quality will be good enough, and to be honest better than they would be expecting.
I went to a wedding on the weekend and took a photo of my wife (who hates having her photo taken) with my new Note 8. The result doesn't stand up to pixel-peeping, but is definitely one of the best photos I've take of her as a memento of an occasion.

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That's pretty close with a 35mm...

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I'm actually more worried about the multitude of people who think themselves to be artists and expect to be paid for their work. Lack of confidence is a terrible thing, but so is over-confidence without the talent, work ethic and results to support it.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm X100 (176 comments in total)

I got one of the first X100 cameras when it was released in Australia, and was also one of the first to report the sticking aperture blades issue (which Fuji rapidly fixed free of charge). I've since passed the X100 on to my father-in-law when I got my 100S, who passed it on to his wife when he got his 100T. I know a 100F is in my future.

As many have indicated here, it is a series that you feel a connection to, and I have taken (and sold) more good images with this camera than any of my Canon bodies, or other Fuji gear for that matter. For those who complain about things like autofocus speed, I'd suggest they have chosen the wrong tool for the job; I don't think the X100 series was ever meant for action photography. However I can only recall a handful of occasions over the last five years where I've felt I missed a street or event shot because of the speed of the camera, compared to the many thousands I have got due to the liberating limitations the X100 imposes.

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There's a certain cormorant fisherman on the Li river that would go out of business if this became a thing...

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Elliot H: Make lenses on par with Leica at
half the price, should be doable.

Rokinon: The new Leica?

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While some of these images are disturbing, in many cases they are supposed to be. This is photography that transcends the aesthetics and inspires a reaction, showing a world that is simultaneously beautiful and horrific.

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D1N0: If you don't want your photo's "stolen" don't put them on the internet. Right click prevention scripts won't save you. Just get the URL from the source. The print screen button can not be scripted away anyway. Stupid greedy photographers who think they can sue anybody over simple instructions to avoid clumsy protection which doesn't even work in every browser are idiots. Put pictures online and get angry when people copy them. That is more moronic than even a baboon could ever be.

D1N0 has a couple of nice pictures in their gallery. I hope to win many competitions with them.

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Richard Murdey: This is a nice looking and nicely engineered camera. Not really Fuji's fault that this is the ultimate hipster camera. But hipsterific it is, much to the detriment of the community.

flickr groups devoted to the X100 are filled with, in no particular order

1. selfies taken in the bathroom mirror
2. shots of expresso, latte, and other cafe beverages
3. moody black and white shots of uninteresting and random cityscape.
4. shots of the the X100 itself, in various expensive cases, taken with a camera that is not the X100

That covers about 90% of flickr photos with every camera, albeit with slightly fewer cats. Try a 500px search on X100 - some impressive stuff there.

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year - Part 1: Fujifilm X100S (306 comments in total)

Since I'm still on the original X100 I guess I would have to call it my gear of the last two years. While the 35mm was initially limiting, I soon began to see in 35mm frames, and once freed from the endless decisions about zooming I was able to concentrate on getting the elements right within that frame. The result has been more published photos in two years than my previous seven with Canon and a range of L zooms.

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$699? Sold. If the quality is as good as their other lenses then it is an absolute bargain.

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On article 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (50 comments in total)

Photography has many uses, and one of them is to make a memorable image that tells a story. Not all stories are nice, and some of the stories we need to hear are definitely ugly. But for those who complain about "not another war photograph", let's have an alternative DPReview Pulitzers:

1) Best over-processed HDR
2) Best Cat
3) Best moody black and white cliche
4) Best flower cliche
5) Best street shot of people wandering aimlessly through the frame
And so on.

By the way, I've shot almost all those cliches, and I live in constant admiration of those who put their lives on the line to get the images we see here.

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On article 2012 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (68 comments in total)

As disturbing as they are, the fact that these images can elicit a reaction at all in an image-saturated world demonstrates their power.

From a technical perspective, it looks like a lot of the winners and runners-up were shot with a medium wide angle; hardly any extreme telephotos or wides in the collections. Kind of makes me want to take my X100 out and put it through its paces!

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blue orpin: "The latest firmware allows the Raw button to be user-customized. It also makes it easier to set up the camera's Auto ISO behavior"

I just installed the fw, i can't see how it makes it easier to set up the auto-iso. Am i missing something ?

I have to agree here. Auto ISO is something that I use rarely, and when I do it's very much set it and forget about it for the rest of the session. For the most part I like to choose the ISO the camera is using, and for this purpose the ability to select it using the Fn button is handy.

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I guess DPReview had better start incorporating some point source light tests in its previews and reviews. Who knows how many orbing compact cameras there are out there?

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