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he's a money baba, from chelmsford originally.

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who is kate bevan?

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it's a camera with a telephone on it.

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how many fingers am i holding up?

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: According to some news I read on a rumour site, Motorola is beta-testing some apps that detect facial expressions in order to exclude faces from the framing. The "Diarrhea" app, which turns the camera off whenever someone who is about to be photographed is having a sudden urge, is expected to be launched soon. Also, they're studying an app to discharge a whiff of Calvin Klein cologne when body odour is detected. It's called "Fart & Sweat".
Finally, rumour has it that Siemens has filed a patent of an app that detects expressions of extreme grief and anguish and turns the image of the subject in a sepia portrait of his/her favourite philosopher: there will be the "Kierkegaard" and "Schopenhauer" modes, which turn on automatically when expressions of despair are detected and, for the existentialists, the "Heidegger" and "Sartre" modes, which are triggered when, in addition to anguish, traces of doubt are detected on the subject's face. Casio is said to have shown interest in these apps.

computer (internet) won't allow me to like your comment, understand i'm not a comment liking sort of a person, so maybe the machines are just being helpful, but anyway, you said what i wanted to say about commanders from armies of despotic (robot?) regimes shovelling bodies into open graves correct pathos recognition mode, but in a much lighter way, thanks, i'm off to buy stuff for the faraday cage my non-technical girlfriend has asked me to build and to disconnect the mains supply.

monkpilots (message transmitted on behalf of john connor)

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ptox: This incessant prating by FF adherents about light-gathering and equivalence and outrageous lens costs and sensor gain is all so much beating around the bush.

I wish just one of you would have the courage to say what you really think: that we who've taken up MFT are fooling ourselves, wasting our time, pointlessly going about our art or jobs or hobbies with an essentially shallow view of what it means to be a Real Photographer.

Alternatively: that every image recorded on a piece of silicon having an area even fractionally smaller than the Holy Measurement of 36x24mm is, basically, crap.


homogenization is for milk.

but yoghurt doesn't care.

and cheese is laughing at both of them.

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