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I always found it weird that m43 lenses have updateable firmware. I bet this will be fixed by a firmware update to the 20mm f/1.7.

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does this WU-1a alllow me to post to facebook right after I take the pic or shoot the video?

That would be awesome.

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Funny how this NYC street photographer never gets mentioned in the same breath:


The backstory and quality of the images really isn't all that different between Angel and Vivian.

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IgorAdam: This is insane, shutter release twice slower than D700, Why???
My D5000 has same...
Can anybody explain me?

A pro knows their niche and gets the right equipment to do the job.

FPS are not the only spec that matter. A sports shooter or photojournalist doesn't need 36MP but can make do with "only" 16.2mp of the D4 shooting at 10fps.

$3K for a high res landscape or fashion shooting tool? I wouldn't spend the money on it myself as a "wannabe pro" but pros will see the value in this camera instead of dropping, say $10000 on a Pentax 645D for high res work.

But to be fair - there is still marketing room for a D300 replacement - a high speed sports camera for those of us enthusiasts and poor pros that is cheaper than the D4 but more robust than the D7000.

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IgorAdam: This is insane, shutter release twice slower than D700, Why???
My D5000 has same...
Can anybody explain me?

This is clearly not a sports camera. No need for more than 4fps for landscape photos.

This is actually quite an announcement from Nikon...a 36MP camera for less than $3000?

Pros will understand the significance; the rest of us will just read reviews and complain about specs instead of getting out an shooting.

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Why is it that every "new or beginner photographer" image is always a woman? I can't tell you how many of my buddies could easily take the place of the woman in your image under "beginner cameras". Be careful of your stereotypes...women have a much larger influence on the market than you think.

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Franco8: Cant see anything exciting why i should upgrade my four SB900.
Why cant Nikon release a flash that does not require line of sight
for wireless control, i definately will trade in my current four flashes for the new ones,

Radio wireless is difficult to implement as Nikon would need to navigate a swath of international regulations overseeing radio frequencies. Infrared signalling isn't subject to the same regulations so it's easier and cheaper to create one system they can sell internationally without having to manufacture seperate lines of the same product to accomodate local radio frequency legislation.

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