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If it's fully transparent, then it doesn't absorb any of the light.

That contradicts the text, "the material absorbs a specific wavelength of light and re-emits it at a longer wavelength"

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (105 comments in total)
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Nikonworks: Blending the major holidays of some of the world's major religions by wishing people 'Happy Holidays' or 'Season's Greeting' is to miinimize the impotance of each holiday.
Here at DPReview you have more than enough space to say Merry Christmas, happy Channukah, Happy Kwanza, o any other holiday at this time of the year.

Because the deliberate insult in refusing to acknowledge the occasion takes away any goodwill there might gave been.

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On article 2012 Holiday Gift Guide (59 comments in total)

No it ain't holiday season. Summer is a long way off.

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beholder1: Thank you for adding ' Withdraw post' in the options menu! Salutations in store!

Though it seems inactive for me, just a dummy button which does nothing.

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (693 comments in total)
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Dan Ortego: The explanation of Community Moderation is unclear to me. However, I do believe that the forum needs Moderators or if they do exist, they most certainly need to do more to keep out the trash.

As to the new forum layout, it seems fine by me.

Carefully screened? No comment.

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On photo bluebell_in_rain_2 in Bjorn_L's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

In Scotland this is a bluebell. In England this same flower is called a harebell. (The traditional English bluebell is has a more long and thin flower).

But it's a beautiful subject.

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On article Why 'droid is the OS Samsung is looking for (27 comments in total)
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Bruce McL: People do not want to take pictures. Getting an image into a camera is not anybody's goal. Even getting images on to a computer is not anybody's goal. The goal is to look at pictures and to share pictures. Cell phones allow people to achieve those goals, most cameras do not.

In the sense of helping people use their pictures, nearly every phone camera is far "better" than nearly every dedicated camera. Adding Android to a dedicated camera would help them catch up to cell phone cameras.

So the best way to improve the camera is to improve the screen, improve connectivity, and remove the lens and sensor.

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On article Uploading your avatar (100 comments in total)
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Louis_Dobson: Good. Gravatar would have been great if it was easy to use and lots of other sites used it. Neither of these held true....

Gravatar never took me by surprise as I use a unique email address for every site when I register.

That of course means my Dpreview and Gravatar emails differ, and the image didn't show anywhere, ever.

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (97 comments in total)
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Joshlovesphotos: If I were President of DP Review, I would fire the person that walked into the weekly meeting with their Brooks Brothers suit, perfectly positioned hair and Fresh Star Bucks, and said, "you aren't a proper businessman unless you dress like a salesman, you aren't a proper professional unless you are a great communicator, you aren't a proper company unless you hire only people with college degrees, you aren't a proper corporation unless you insult people celebrating CHRISTmas, ON CHRISTmas, by saying Seasons Greetings on CHRISTMAS DAY and not even a random non-holiday, or even on the first day of Hanukkah, but instead ON CHRISTMAS DAY. lol.

I'm pretty sure DP Review is still not an American company, so why are you being so politically correct? News Flash: We Americans find your and other countries commitment of purpose the single most attractive attribute about any foreign country.

There are lots of differences between US and British English, and the term "Happy Holidays" - which in Britain means something we do in the summer time, has no significance at all at this time of year.

The use of this meaningless term is perhaps part of the reason why it causes offence, as it seems to drain all significance from the occasion, regardless of one's beliefs.

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On article Site updates & Tamron Challenge Winners (52 comments in total)
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madeinlisboa: Am I the only one to notice it? Dull colors and tone, disregard for the rule of thirds and probably blown highlights? I don't know which is better or worse. There were much better photos than these in the Challenge.
Note for the immediate critics: this is not spite, it is what I honestly think and actually see.

Disregard for the rule of thirds.

This should surely be seen as a virtue. Too many shots slavishly adhere to this constraint regardless of whether or not it is appropriate.

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (97 comments in total)

Happy Yuletide!

And a thanks to all at Dpreview for the work they put in all year round, including those behind the scenes who we hear little about.

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On article Variation Facts and Fallacies (227 comments in total)

Why not use the correct word "sample" rather than "copy" which implies plagiarism or worse?

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On article Just posted: Hands-on video of the Samsung NX200 (76 comments in total)

The video is fine, the voice is good.

Just one technical point, the audio is about 10 to 15 dB quieter for the voice than it is for the introductory and ending sounds. That makes the voice very hard to hear as it's so quiet, relatively speaking.

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I continue to be amazed by all the enthusiasm here. Has no-one ever tried saving a JPEG with different compression settings before now?

I've just re-tested this and find only that the results are not as good for any given file size as the JPEG output from ether GIMP or Paint Shop Pro.

Yes, it's possible to create a smaller file which looks very similar- that's what JPEG was designed to do. But is this particular implementation somehow better than what we already have on out desktops? My answer is no.

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angel-xy: The greater the compression, the smaller the file size, the greater the data loss and increase in pixel size and decrease in resolution. This JPEGmini sounds like more amateurish junk. Probably OK for compressing for Email or sending over wireless devices. I would never use it for compressing good quality archived or stored images. I prefer Photoshop level 10, 11, 12. Less than that creates colour distortion and loss of detail and resolution. TIFF format compresses without image loss, for good quality images which need storing as well, it compresses with layers.

JPEG2000 has a true lossless compression option. But lack of support in web browsers and to a lesser extent lack of support by camera makers has effectively derailed it.

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I've not read the article. But I have tried out the Jpegmini service with various images. The very first image I tried grew fractionally larger.
Others showed results broadly similar to the various photo-editors I tried (a random selection).

Overall I've come away with the feeling that there's nothing useful here. In terms of colour fidelity or image detail, I can achieve similar (or possibly better) results with existing tools.

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On article iPhone video enhanced by rolling shutter effect (92 comments in total)
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Peter G: It doesn't look like rolling shutter effect to me (on the guitar).

Just the result of frame rate interacting with periodic motion of the strings.

Well, there are two separate effects occurring here.

In any individual frame, it is the rolling-shutter effect which causes the odd jagged shapes.

On the other hand, when watching the video, we watch a sequence of frames in rapid succesion and the relationship of the frame rate to the string vibration frequency plays a part. This is visible in the video, where some of the time the strings appear to move slowly and can be observed easily, while at other times successive frames differ completely, giving a rapid motion which is impossible for the eye to follow.

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On article Content commenting system launched (128 comments in total)

Well, this may have finally stopped the flood of new posts appearing on the News forum in response to a Dpreview news article.

But can anything stop the flood of new threads about Lytro?

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On photo Sherwood Forest Country Lane in the > Country roads tales challenge (4 comments in total)

The halo both inside and outside the boundary of the sky and trees stands out to an extreme. Not the best HDR I've seen. Pity as the scene looks interesting.

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