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PhotoUniverse: Dows anyone know why Samsung is working on this technology. It seems to me as a good opportunity!

@entoman, there are no issues with getting the NX cameras/lenses repaired. Samsung is continuing to honor the warranty. After warranty expires, I have a local camera shop that does repairs. They can repair 50 year old cameras and still get parts for almost anything. NX prices have also been going up since there is more demand and less of the product now. Check ebay.

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toni2: It has microAF? Not? So, you are saying that it's not professional, so it can have focus problems that are not present in any smartphone or in any mirrorless system?

A DSLR without microAF is an outdated system. Point.

@TORN, Samsung NX1 sensor had 153 cross-type phase detection sensors.

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BRWAT: 23% in less than four years is no small feat. Sony will likely be the number one full-frame manufacturer in less than three years. It shouldn't be too hard especially with Nikon and Pentax being on the rocks and Canon delivering rehashes of mediocre cameras. Both will likely fail before the end of 2020 anyways.

Yep, if the competitors continue with rehashes and don't bring out something truly significant, some people will jump ship.

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HenryDJP: Sucks that Panasonic chose to use Contrast Detection AF AGAIN!!! This doesn't seem to be a bad camera, but for the price and large size I personally feel there are better mirrorless options for either the same or less money and are more compact. If mirrorless cameras are going to end up the size of pro DSLR's then the only benefit would be the EVF. One of the benefits of mirrorless is they are smaller due to lacking a mirror. Hmm.

@Dan Tong, I see very little size advantage. APS-C lenses can be made small and light. Samsung NX proved it is possible. Also contrast focus for a $2K camera is a shame. Sony and other competitors have had better focus for years.

Panasonic should know better then to use just contrast AF. They've been leaders in old video cameras for years, and they should know contrast AF is not very good.

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dbateman: To Dpreview,
I appreciate your reviews, however I find the GH5 review lacking an obvious comparison page. I was expecting and hoping for a direct comparison with the Olympus EM1 mk2. Both cameras have the same price tag, both argue for best AF, both argue for great IS, Panasonic says the GH5 is also for stills. So I would like to see a page with a direct head to head.
Which is better for AF?
Which has better IS?
Does the Panasonic AF four thirds lenses as fast as the Olympus EM1 mk2? I think they might be equal.
Four thirds users want to know these answers, if not, then I do.
Thank you

@bleeboo - let's be honest here now. GH5 is still on preorder, and you are saying you have used the GH5 for a week?

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brownie112: Does it use h264 or h265 for recording?

Well "Reps" will say pretty much anything and never anything negative about their products. I've been editing my Samsung NX1 H.265 files on a 5-year old AMD FX-8350 with an older GPU just fine. Can render with several effects tracks not in real-time but fast enough.

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webrunner5: Wow, this thing can take some darn nice pictures. A few tweeks and they are going to have something good here! Color is a bit funky, but that can and will change I bet.

This gallery below is pretty impressive right now.

A lot of those lower light photos have either color banding in skies or excessive noise. Doesn't look promising. The other photos, any camera could have taken in good light.

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brownie112: Does it use h264 or h265 for recording?

What a shame not including H.265 for video.

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marcio_napoli: There surely must be a design difficulty, but the single most desirable feature this camera should have remains lacking: ISO 25 or below.

This is primarily a filmmaker's tool. Video on this thing is essentially shot at 1/50 shutter speed + large aperture, like all movies are shot.

Good luck with enough ND filters trying to keep your exposure correct in daylight ISO 100 (or 200), f1.4 to f2.8, and 1/50 SS.

ISO 25 would help immensely on that.

Also, m4/3 sensors are super noisy even at base ISO (GH4 owner here).

ISO 25 would clean up those shadows a lot, making filmmakers' life much easier on grading and chroma key shots.

Even better would be ISO 12.

All movies are not shot at 1/50 shutter. lol. Read a book on film history and digital cinema.

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PhotoPoet: Keeping my D7200 but using my Fuji X T-2 more each day

and I will just keep my Samsung NX1, which is still great after three years beyond it's release. This Nikon still doesn't compare to it.

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Mike FL: The longer the stay in consumer camera business, the more the losing money.

It just likes Samsung who did not really know how to make cameras with higher performance/price.

I will correct you, since apparently you never used the Samsung NX1. It's performance in APS-C is still unmatched three years later from it's introduction. Fast, accurate AF, nice 4K video, etc. Price for a used body was very reasonable. Unreasonable price is Olympus new camera. lol

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rfsIII: Am I misreading this caption: "This image was shot at the same nominal resolution but with red, green and blue information captured for each output pixel"
To me it sounds like the author shot the RG&B separately on a monochrome sensor (perhaps using colored filters as in olden days?)
And also, why the secrecy about which camera makers rotate their sensors 45 degrees?

I would say Fuji X-Trans is better in some regards to bayer.

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CosminMunteanu: Not bad high ISO quality ! Fujifilm (x-t2) like level if not better. It is sad that otherwise it has mirrorless battery life and AF plus only 1/6000 maximal shutter speed like the entry level K70 does.

1/6000 is more then enough for most. Including all the photos you have on your wordpress didnt need even close to 1/6000.

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Bombastic: Fuji has been teaching Leica how to get it done right.

And again..

Yet some people think paying premium for red dot gets them a better camera.

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40daystogo: I don't seem to be able to get such pleasing colors with my Sony A6000. I've used the Sony for about 2 years now, and I kinda yearn for the color rendition of Canon. Back when I bought my Sony A6000, Canon did not have a viable mirrorless alternative with viewfinder, and even now the M5 is a bit conservative in its technology. But the next update of the M5 might tempt me to jump ship to Canon mirrorless.

BTW, I enjoyed the video irrespective of whether it was a paid commercial or not. C'mon, every camera mentioned on dpreview is done so with the intention of getting us to buy it, so what can't Dpreview's videos be paid commercials too?

Dont use JPG. To get these "pleasing" colors, you have to use RAW and adjust in photoshop/lightroom.

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Tommi K1: When they come out with f/1.4 and f/2 lenses then there will come many buyers more.

Let us know when you buy one and share some of your photos.

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Azathothh: That ISO12800 shot is pretty noisy, i would expect something better. But then again this probably is a camera aimed for best image quality at low ISO.

Crop with MF? What blasphemy! No wonder why these photos look soft. Show us the full frame without cropping.

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Cameracist: In silicon heaven, rejoicing with Samsung NX...

Yep, Samsung NX alive and well too. Lenses and cameras don't stop working just because the brand or format is dead.

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Can we just get OOC JPGs and quit with the "edited to taste" photos?

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It's amazing how clumsy some kids are to not take care of expensive equipment like this lens.

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