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MonkRX: @ Manny - Mirrorless Cameras employ the same size sensors (of the same generation of technology), similar level processors. Technologically, they are the same.

The only gap DSLRs have over Mirrorless is Auto Focus technology (arguably more accurate on mirrorless, but slower), and exposure/metering (again, arguably better on Mirrorless, since the entire sensor does metering).

The latter is the only thing that could possibly effect image quality.

m4/3rds and APS-C DSLRs have no apparent technological advantage that couldn't be employed in a Mirrorless camera.

I've been using both the A77 and the NEX-7 (yes I got one). They both create images that are sharper and in many ways better than my Canon 5D MK1 and my Nikon D90.

The NEX-7 blows me away.

Auto focus on both is at least as fast as my DSLR's.

Also used Oly ep1, Lumix GF1, and have Lumix G3. They are great in good light.

I can't imagine using a mirror again.

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