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I've been reading the comments all along, it seems to me everybody is viewing this from the "photographic tool" sense but I think is not really the point with this device, it seems more like a "reality documenting tool", go beyond the snappers and think about millions of persons arround the world, acting as sensors for register of the world conditions, over the years, imagne the amount of useful information that researchers could get, and the knowledge that could benefit us all. Think of it as a OCT unskilled photographer that would take so so pictures but could register everything around that picture, muliply it for millions, then sistematize that data, then analize it... neat.

Of course, the price seems a bit high, so it might not get to millions so the purpose of it might wane...

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Tom Caldwell: Rogue mobile (cell) phone users already give photography a bad name, this should just about finish street photography off world wide. If you cannot ban phone-cams then just ban "cameras" as they are easier to spot.

You mean cell phones give photography a bad name because people take horrible snapshots? Or you mean some of those "privacy" things? There should be no limit on what one can register on public realm, why would citizens be restricted while goverments can put cameras everywhere?
The purpose of this device seems to me completly different of those "rouge" cell photographers that thake photos with mean intentions -the minority of them-, as I see, this device is intended to record slices of reality with lots of data in it. wearing it every day through years can give you lots of information besides just images. Analizing all that information can of course create new knowledge that can be useful for everyone.
Please, try to see beyond the snapshooting fetures of this.

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