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CMP_Ontario: Your Links are backwards....

How could the average joe trust them after this balls up, i know i wont, i dont want my new camera turning into brick, yet.

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Dyun27: Man... that D750 IQ is still incredible. Ignore the purple coloring of blacks when pushed. That doesn't appear in Nikon's Capture NX-D or DxO PhotoLab software. I've noticed that this purple effect seems to be pronounced when using Adobe RAW converters like Lightroom to push RAW files.

With most cameras ,in low light [undereposure shooting ] just set the ISO to 640, you can use DxO Photolab 1or2, up the exposure and adjust accordingly, none of this higher ISO stuff really works , because one is starting to edit at a lower Dynamic range point. try it .

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bullet1: Updated my Sony A7III today with the 2.0 firmware. It made NO difference for Canon EF lenses mounted with the Sigma MC-11 adapter. There are still only two AF modes available, AF-C and AFS as it was before.

DPReview, please clarify your story on this update.

These changes are more about, Focus Areas, and not about Focus Modes, they are NOT the same thing.

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Sutlore: So, I am not the one that think it should have been better lol
Somehow I feel like the images are not sharp and detailed enough.

I'd like to see these images shot at smaller Apertures, like F8-16, on a medium format camera, and i agree with you ,they look a tad soft.

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Needs a Sony Battery Grips for better handling and more fire power, cut out the BS about it making the camera too big and heavy, it wont be.

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The Photo Ninja: Nice photos! Good gallery.

Regarding the camera, the files look nicer than the 5D3, but I'll bet the 5Ds looks even better.

Not at iso32000,

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(unknown member): How long until Lightroom is no longer proposed as a perpetual license? Then it's going to be $150 a year, instead of $80 for the paid upgrade every other year. There's not even a mention on when LR7 will be released, despite the fact that it's already late and despite the numerous novelties brought to CC.

Adobe software rocks my friends, but the adobe route is far from being future proof if controlling your costs and owning your software is a priority.

Im still using P/Shop CS5, its not costing me anything , got L/Room 4.4 64 bit, hardly use it, not costing anything , and i use the software that comes with the cameras to convert the raw files, Sony, Nikon and Canon.

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(unknown member): Two days ago I tried the DxO RAW converter for the first time. It has a clear advantage of producing less noise than the Lightroom. The difference is really noticeable. This while I am sort of getting impatient with the noisy shadows of the 5DIII. Within the next year I think I will get a Sony 7RII or, if Canon manages to create a replacement for the 6D...what a magic word, 'IF'...

if you havn't got it, download , DPP4 ver thats for windows, for apple ,its 4 something , look its there, you will need camera body serial number and its yours , better than adobe for handling noise.

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It maybe a very good lens, but at Aust$4000 I think you would need to find a real need for it. or deep pockets maybe.

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I was using photoshop 3 about 20 years ago,

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