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vscd: Fuji rocks. Fuji Acros is one of the best b/w films available today. Velvia and Provia still rock and the retrowave is still coming up, I think. @Fuji: PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING FILMROLLS! Please.

Instax goes strong. Last year around this time there was.a shortage of Instax (mini) film. Fuji has build a new factory for production of these films early this year.

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On article Lomography launches Lomo’instant Wide camera (39 comments in total)

The specifications look good. However I would like to see some samples of a production camera by a user. I participated last year in the Kickstarter campain for the LOMO'INSTANT that uses the Fuji Instax mini film. I still regret it. A lot of vignetting, flash pictures bad, diffcult to use., etc. I hope they have it right for the Wide camera.

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I could not resist, I pre-ordered one. Just love those Instax mini's.

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My first digital was a Kodak DC 130 Blueberry, it matched my iMac. After 2 or 3 years its viewfinder broke. After that I rediscovered film photography but also have a number of digicams like a Leica M8 and Fuji X10. However they do not get much use. I still prefer film. But I must admit I use more Fuji film than Kodak for general use. On certain occasions however I find Portra film the best color film available, I would miss it.
I'm also a big fan of instant photography. But what became of Polaroid? They came back with classic instant. Just a rebranded Fuji Instax mini 7s and rebranded Instax mini film, all made by Fuji.
What about Kodak printers? Perhaps they are available in the USA but I have not seen one in my country. It is all Canon, HP and Epson.

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snegron: Looks like big corporations won at last; film is dead. Now we have no choice but to use digital 100% of the time. I'm sure the higher ups at Kodak knew this way in advance and more than likely had some back door deals with other investors. Thanks a lot Kodak.

Film is certainly not dead. Who could have thought that after 110 film was gone in 2009 it is back in 2012 in B&W and color at the Lomography company. I wonder who is making the new 110 film. A fact is that prices of used Pentax 110 SLR's are reaching an incredible height on auction sites. I still have my complete set. The only question is who can develop these 110 films...

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