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Esstee: lol @ do you think it was altered?
No, good now tell me where you think it was altered. Because you can't continue otherwise.
It was at this point that I closed the window and moved on :p

The other obvious nonsense with this is overall size and quality of the images

A site's algorithm "saw" too much noise in one of my pictures.
It was snow.

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RamonMata: Too many questions to start the survey. I just pass this survey and wait for the results.

A photo is a story either from nature or the author's mind.
I favor Man Ray over Ansel Adams, sometimes not by much.
Picture making over picture taking.

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xfoto: The usual human suffering/protest pictures will take top prize right?

besides, someone is going to find a way of comping the two in post.

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My advice to the kid would be to keep at it,
but match contrast in the collage.
(the forest is flatter than the phone)

And learn about iconic art:

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1.07 was my early poison also.
How the code was structured never held me back ever since from putting this amazing software to profitable use.

I have a thought for detractors but won't post it here.

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I think that the camera manufacturers should suggest a RAW processor for each of their camera models.

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3DSimmon: Woow, apple is really leaping in terms technological camera advances, the iphone can now take panoramic pictures!!! holy smoke!! this is a game changer!! I mean true panoramic!! this feature more than makes up for not having NFC in a smart phone, way to go crapple!!

Didn't Sony get it from NASA?
(just asking; I like Sony and Apple, and NASA)

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On article Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 (217 comments in total)

Thank you!
This was useful to me.

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On article Accessory Review: Manfrotto Solo VI DSLR Holster Bag (96 comments in total)

That should deter theft and if it was the designer's intention—priceless.

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The athlete is fine, but the reality of this thread was shifted by Nikon fanboys.
There's no need for humility anyway; I can take it or leave it, but give me facts and I'll humbly thank you.

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On article Evolution of an image (123 comments in total)

At this level, the HDR look is something only a handful of photographers can eventually tell and be disgusted by.
They're not the commercially targeted audience IMHO.

Personally I'm more impressed by picture makers like Man Ray including whatever occasional artifacts, not takers like Ansel Adams and his credibility,
so I don't care.
Nitpicking aside, what counts in the end is if you like the picture or not.
I kindah do, but don't jump of joy.

(place your own sarcastic quotation marks where necessary : )

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On article Researchers follow the noise to find composite images (38 comments in total)

Photoshop has its uses and strengths in the hands of professionals who, like magicians don't dispel all their procedures : )

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Sean Elliot was wrong.
He'd probably use a sharper lens if he had one, or a sharper demosaicing algorithm.

(sorry, I didn't read most of the posts)

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GaryJP: Interesting case.

To me the idea of making the rest of the image monochrome but the London bus red is kind of obvious, even banal. So is the use of a well known landmark.

But I guess the clincher might be the fact that he was familiar with the original image.

The judge may have considered the "copy" just as uninspired as the "original", therefore infringing on its lameness.

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odoketa: That was a whole lot of iOS love! I'm glad there's one Android app!

You're not mastering art with a professional camera, you may master craft, but even that is not a given.

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The iPhone 5 may still show up soon, maybe from Sprint alone? : )

Link | Posted on Oct 9, 2011 at 16:07 UTC as 18th comment

I have a hint that this case won't go to the Supreme Court,
but wish it did,
to publicly define a wildly unknown legal issue
(one way or another)

most photographers, because of their political agendas didn't understand a much simpler case

Link | Posted on Jul 25, 2011 at 05:30 UTC as 51st comment

This court case is almost as important in educating people who can and want to read about what art is, as the Brancusi case of almost a hundred years ago.

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On article Content commenting system launched (128 comments in total)

Photographers are a fun bunch who become ridiculous when commenting on politics.
There are a few celebrities here, like Dr. Eric Fossum and some camera designers who know their craft well and share knowledge very generously.
The DPR test lab is fantastic and while the news may seem slow to some, they are respectful of NDAs and manufactures' dissemination rules.

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