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  • Gosh! Wow! Takes me back, too. I always wanted one but around that time and when the E-20 came out I had already shelled out a lot for the Uzi 2100 and the 5050. I still dreamed however of owning...

  • Question to all, don't any of you find the 10mm difference a set back? I've noticed the sale at B&H and what I like about the 12-35 is the form and weight factor. But 70mm to me is too short and ...
  • Panasonic had a great deal on the GX8 with their 12-60 thrown in as a perk. Olympus had the 12-40 going for $800 for a few weeks. Both deals nada mas. My problem is I’m in Europe and buy in the ...
  • Created discussion thread lens and camera prices
    Is there some reason why they were low then went up? Is this to make deals look good as Xmas nears and they lower prices again?
  • Created discussion thread Tyrannophobia...?
    Is this really a word? It's not listed on the list of phobias and googling doesn't come up with any real official dictionary-acknowledged definitions.
  • Interesting. It should have been called the M 10.  If it's an M it's an M and it deserves the right of a number in the evolutionary scale.
  • Frankly for me, once again, it goes against the grain of “keeping it simple”. Indeed, the nomenclature was so confusing it prompted this post.
  • Thanks to all for the feedback and explanation. I’m sorry but as a former Leica user I find this new kind of nomenclature misleading, even elitist. It defeats the purpose of the genius of Leica ...
  • Created discussion thread what does Typ 240 mean?
    what does "Typ 240" mean? Or Typ 262 or Typ 113? Is this just a name? I googled my question and found no answer.
  • Why no similar focal length primes to compare to? Why can't the Panny Leica be in the comparison chart, and how about Olympus' 25mm offering?

  • Good pick for a nostalgia spotlight! I had one and took some good pics with it. And it was Sony's first real home run hit with the critics back then too.

  • I guess you folks have been on this even more aggressively than I have been. I just noticed yesterday. I had one pic that had over 6000 viewer hits wiped out. And the viewer hit/count is a good ...
  • Created discussion thread view count wiped out?
    just noticed that all counts on views have vanished on pics in my gallery.  is this temporary, what gives?
  • What price glory?

  • The key is: "right" and "left" of a river are not map-based.... I never remember being taught this was so.  It's a case apparently where navigation and not the map rules the roost.
  • Created discussion thread right bank left bank
    While doing research on ancient Rome I kept on running into descriptions of towns to the east on the left side of the Tiber. How can anything to the east be to the left? So I googled and got this: ...
  • A big loss. I'll miss his input and gifts as a writer.

  • Created discussion thread microphones for m43 cameras
    What’s the story on microphones for one’s m4/3 camera? I never see any listed as part of accessories for either Pany or Oly models. There was in the beginning promotion of a few model-mikes but ...
  • Great review and enlightening last line-statement.
  • Replied in Pen-F and GX8
    "Hires mode?"
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