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I haven't read a good Kipon lens review from a reputable reviewer. From looking at the photos and lens specs and mtf chat I'd say this is a $500 lens max, and even then you probably just wasted $500.

Buy a GM 50/1.2 and some cheap Sony camera if you want shallow dof.

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blåland: Nice and compact. Hopefully no onion ring bokeh.

No aspherical lenses. No onions.

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20/2 contemporary sony e
20/2 contemporary leica l

That is two products 🤔

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Entropius: I wish Sigma's letters made it clearer what mounts and sensor sizes their lenses were for these days...

DG is full frame and DN is mirrorless. I think it is quite easy to remeber if you own a mirrorless full frame camera. Especially as I have the Panasonic S1 and only affordable lenses for the system are from Sigma.. :D

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I got mine on tuesday. With caps & hood it is as heavy as 24/1.4 GM without... 450g.

Can't find faults from the 24/2 Sigma. Here are some test photos from Tuesday. One was taken with 50/1.4 Art.


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pdussart: So many comments that I might repeat a question:

How much light is lost through so many lenses ?
Is a 1.2 with 13 lenses as "clear" as a 1.4 with 6 lenses?

In the end, this is the quantity of light reaching the film that counts.

My main motivation to use fast lenses like Sigma 50/1.4 Art or the new Sigma 85/1.4 Art is thin depth of field and smooth backgrounds.

Iso100 is enough for most photography I do even with FF digital cameras.

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thomas2279f: Love the compact size Canon of 70-200 F4 RF seems superb on paper and well addition to Canon RF line up but not happy that again a premium pro common lens (like F2.8 brother) you cannot use it with RF Teleconvertors.

If Nikon did this - they would be crucified by anti nikon brigade.

As you can see from the photos the rear element is very close to the bayonet.. where would you put the TC?

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DGrinb: Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm F2.8 - $1,020
Voigtlander Nokton Vintage 50mm F1.5 Aspherical II VM - $1,100

Meyer Optik left the chat.

Not many "old" lens designs have aspherical elements.

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Cheapo Marx: Can this just mean that Tamron has been slow to offshore its production?

I bought binos made in Japan. I looked at the made in china binos, with way poorer QC and finish. china can produce some decent stuff but the baseline is not good enough. You have to watch and monitor everything, otherwise you just get 3rd grade garbage out of the factories in china.

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Lan: That 50mm seems to have really bad LoCA, and I mean really bad. The model in the sample pic has a number of green hairs, her gold earrings have quite a bit of green. Even the reflections in her eyes have green outlines. Maybe she was jealous of the new lenses ;)

Really 🙄

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David610: The new 50mm f/1.2 is larger and heavier than a NIKKOR✱ED 180mm f/2.8 AI-s. The new 14-24mm f/2.8 looks excellent.

Only at 1.2. At 2.0 it is very very sharp. It's like 2 lenses in 1.

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Einride: That 50 is going to be incredible. They already have the 50/1.8S so don’t need to do a balance act like the Canon RF lens. I expect this to be the best 50mm there is.

Balance? RF 50mm 1.2 is only 100g lighter than the Z 50/1.2 and has 15 elements.. while the old EF 50/1.2 has only 8 elements.

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Canon made a 50mm f/1.0 AUTOFOCUS lens in 1989, over 30 years ago! And it weighed only a kilogram. What is wrong with these companies? This glass doesn't even have electronics - in 2020! This Speedmaster would have been news in 1961, not in 2020.

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Copal Fit: Why does the dpreview article again left out the pricing of this lens so the reader has to click on the website link to figure it out?

Why does the writer of this comment again left out the pricing of this lens so the reader of this comment has to click on the website link STILL to figure it out...?

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Ihmemies: I am more interested in hearing if the manual focusing action is now made with focusing helicoids. So far Samyang has used simply tubes inside tubes where a nylon brushed post moves inside a slot. That is pretty much like how zoom in zoom lenses work, so the Samyang lenses feels like you are zooming a manual focus prime.

That feel is terrible and major reason why I am not personally using any Samyang mf lenses.

You can see what focusing helicoids look like, in this article for example: https://richardhaw.com/2018/03/25/repair-nikkor-85mm-f-1-4-ai-s/

Between is a grease specifically made for camera lens helicoids. The feel is incomparable to anything else.

In all Samyang lenses I've seen they don't have focusing helicoids. Instead they have tubes inside tubes and a post which moves inside a slot. It looks just like the mechanism zoom lenses use when zooming... and feels the same.

There are photos of a samyang 85/1.4 focusing mechanism here: https://www.dyxum.com/dforum/samyang-85-1-4-dissasembly-diy-tutorial_topic76615.html

I understand it is probably hard to imagine the difference if you have not used a real manual focusing lenses. Well some people drive with front wheel drive cars and do not think anything is wrong, so people can get used to all kinds of stuff.

It is a lot more expensive to machine helicoids so Samyang just skips that part...

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Tarek Ahmad: I wish all 3rd party manual focus lenses would offer electronic contact to support camera features like: Focus peaking, focus magnification, f-stop value, EXIF/data.

Samyang has electronic communication in their "XP" series of manual focus lenses. But they are like 3x more expensive...

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phatgreatwall: Guess they forgot the rf and z mount, or do they know something we dont

Heh, what about Panasonic/Leica/Sigma L-alliance L-mount lenses? Nearly no one makes third party lenses for that system...

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JE River: The most important feature for the 14mm lens is if they can reduce the number of copies you have to go through to not get a lemon. I would be happy with an 8 copy purchase fiasco reduced down to a 1-2 copy system. :)

Looks like they added a bit of weight to the 14mm as well. I wonder if the weight is from an extra layer of quality control forged into the design? One can only hope...

It would probably be too expensive to QC the lenses to tighter tolerances (=less sample variation). So for better QC you have to spend the cash for Nikon or Canon or Leica. Or waste your precious time with buying, testing, returning, buying...

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sportyaccordy: No standard electronic communication? Come on Samyang get with the program

Companies skimp on additons that cost 50 cents which would make the product a lot better. There is no way Samyang would ever spend such a ridiculous amount like $20 to their basic lenses. Their bean counters have surely calculated how much it saves to leave the chips and related R&D off from their basic mf lenses.

I mean they think they can't make the money back by investing in making chipped lenses. Samyang thinks it is not worth the effort. They seem to have the capability which their AF lenses prove. If they thought that they'd make more money by selling chipped lenses instead, of course they would then sell chipped lenses...

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IamJF: Why do they include a big emphasis to the declickable aperture and make a super shallow aperture ring so it will be super hard to mount any geear rings or even use it direvtly at a shoot?

Otherwise I like the design. I just never liked the original 85/1.4 ;-) (Good for a vintage manual lens - far from a modern lens)

Maybe they want to sell their Xeen lenses instead? They have a 14mm Xeen T/3.1 cinema lens with factory geared aperture and focus rings for $1800 at BHphoto. The 85mm T/1.5 Xeen is also $1800.

It is financially not wise to provide too much value in a cheap product, especially if the same company sells a more expensive alternative.

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