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naturetech: How many minutes of use do these LEDs give before they become more scrap to heap in our landfills?

The question is - how many years. My Cree LED bike lights are just as good today as they were when I bought the lights 8 or 9 years ago.

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I own a Pixma 630 and would never buy another Canon printer. The thing gobbles cartridges faster than you can feed it. Cartridges with low ink levels are emptied by the recharging process during instollation of other cartridges and when turning on the printer. The cartidges come encased in bits of plastic and with a plastic tab which is discarded. Very bad for the environment and unnecessary waste.

Printed results are good and the software is excellent. If Canon could get their ink problems sorted, they would have a great product. Perhaps they've done that with these latest printers but given the problems with the 630, I'll never know.

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wri7913: I wonder how many of the Sonikon fanboys could shoot without "chimping" their screen every shot.

Back in the days of film, you had to know how to make a photograph using the fundamentals of Photography. You had to think through each shot and imagine how it would look or know how it would look based on your settings.

Today its pixel peepers galore, chasing after the largest megapixel (while either not printing or small prints under 11x14) while preening about their sonikon gear. LOL

I have Sony and Nikon cameras and I never use the rear screen for anything other than formatting and the occasional setup that I can't get at with the camera's knobs. This Leica is a great idea. Nikon please take note.

You'll find that quite a few of us on here shoot the odd roll of film as well as using digital but don't suffer from sour grapes.

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There's nothing here for anyone who wants a ruggedised waterproof camera with simple controls that can be operated in extreme conditions. Why does Nikon ignore such a large number of photographers? There is a huge photographic tradition in many exterme sports as exemplified by the success of the GoPro video cameras and Olymus Tough but for stills, these cameras are only useful in good light and so are not good in caves or under water.

Please NIkon give us a DL version of the AW1 or even better, a ruggedised fixed lens DX.

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Good move Google. Works with Win10 and CS3 too. Perfection would be these filters with Nikon Capture NX2.

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StIves: "Western Digital upgrades its My Cloud NAS system with multi-tasking processor"

What does that title mean, that the previous CPU somehow wasn't capable of multi-tasking? Pretty hard to imagine these days.

Processors don't multi-thread or multi-task - that's OS functionality. Most modern processors are multi-core, allowing a certain amount of parallel processing in some curcumstances, which is where the confusion may lie in these comments.

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Maxfield_photo: "It's worth keeping in mind, though, that a 36MP sensor is likely to be fairly demanding on older glass, and our initial impressions of shooting with one older 50mm Pentax prime aren't wholly encouraging."

I don't think anyone expects a budget kit lens from 1979 to be a stellar performer, but out of curiosity was metering part of the problem? If so, try shooting in M mode, and use the green button to set your shutter speed. The KAF3 mount lacks an aperture coupler to estimate the exposure from an M series lens like you are using. (My apologies if you already knew that.)

Many of Nikon's old primes are excellent on the 36mp D800 and are as good as modern lenses. I should expect old Pentax lenses to behave similarly.

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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: I remember the time when a camera was a still camera and a video camera was for video. great that you can on a still camera now, but i dont need video.

wish they would make simple just still cameras and lower the price, i love my canon 20D its a camera without the extra stuff i dont need. imaging if the used a 20D body with a 7D mark II sensor. You would get a good strong body and good images in a no frills to modern standards body. I am happy still using my 20D/30D though. seems they keep cramming stuff in to keep the prices high. Unlike computer which have gone down in price, cameras still remain quite expensive for the higher end ones.

The problem is partly that the manufacturers assume that photographers do nothing other than to stand around gawping at stuff when in reality, many photographers are also participants in action sports such as scuba, caving, climbing and mountain biking. For these activities, a very simple camera with a large sensor is essential. You don't want to have to fiddle around with face recognition, scene selections or other such nonsense when in extremis as these featuroids get in the way, and a large sensor is needed due to low light levels.

Apart from all that, having worked in software for the past 40 years, I'm bored out of my tiny mind by technology and recon that I'm not the only one. Please Nikon give me a digital FM.

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maxnimo: Seriously, if this camera was pink with a Hasbro label it might make sense. All those sharp edges look positively ridiculous ... laughable actually. But then, I would never endanger my child with such sharp edges, which to me makes this camera unacceptable for either children or adults. So who is it for ... clowns?

Good troll maxnmo. Made me laugh.

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aut0maticdan: Sounds like it had a lot to do with competition from smartphones, if he thinks the solution is to better integrate it with users' smartphones.

I wonder what happens if the iPhone 7 is truly ruggedized and waterproof.

Surely you're not serious aut0. Either that or you need to get out more. Action cameras are sold by the million to surfers, divers, canoeists, climbers, cavers, mountain bikers etc. etc. etc. You can't take a smartphone anywhere where it might get wet or bashed about.

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Thorgrem: Still no good enough standard zoom for APS-C. The new 24-70 can be nice but not for APS-C. So this A6300 is still part of a crippled system. Nice that Sony released a new A6xxx body but they again forgot about lenses for APS-C. After al these years I think they will never learn.

The 16-50 is indeed tiny and lightweight. Unfortunately this results in a lens that is so delicate that it is almost unusable. In fact the whole system lacks robustness, partly due to the horrible articulated screen which destroys the camera body's integrity. A simpler camera without all the featuroids and attendant controls would have been so much more, particularly given the a6000's amazing IQ.

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Torstein Wold: No touchscreen. Hard to belive. Sony still only use touch on their toy cameras.

I don`t care if it has the fastest AF in the world if the camera gives me such a hard time choosing what to focus on!

A touchscreen won't help you to decide what to focus on - how is the camera supposed to know anything about your composition. Stck your eye to the veiwfinder, point it at your subject and the camera will do the rest for you. No need for impractical and useless featuroids.

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Mister Roboto: The lowlight shot/video is just plain horrible. Not sure why someone would use this other than for fun under broad daylight.

I use one for fun under broad daylight.

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backayonder: I have yet to make a successsful Panoramic image in CC2015. Everytime I do it fails for some reason

Use PTGUI - very tolerant of parallax errors etc. when hand-holding and it uses all cores so is very quick. Adobe s/w has never been much use at producing panoramas.

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different use-cases? - less of the OO gobbledygook please. "different uses" will do.

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write2alan: The D5 is so big and heavy that you need TWO hands to hold it. LOL....

ha,ha - not if you're arsing around with a touch screen.

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Shifter: It looks olive green in the DPR post above. What's that about?

It's about your monitor needing a bit of adjustment.

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"possibly longest awaited" no. Still waiting for a digital Nikonos and a dFM.

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dr8: More resolution is all well & good, but when does it pass into the realm of not being detectable without a 10x loupe? even with such giant posters? (seems as the poster paper/medium ADDS lots of texture, so whats the big deal with 100Mp here?) This seems to be research grade or good for forensic post detailed study of a crime scene at a molecular level. Not complaining, but just wondering when more pixels will truly be overkill? Capturing images that we can't even see or display all the detail seems a bit much. Will the finished photo from a 40 or 50Mp sensor be distinguishable from this 100? Maybe I over think it.

Fuji's spec. for 35mm Provia states that the film has 26 to 28 million grains. A grain is a bi-stable analogous to a ROM bit in that it is either switched on by the incidence of light or remains switched off - there is no half-way house. Each grain is set within dye which flows according to the state of the grain when the film is developed. A grain is thus a unit of information just as is a bit.

Film is therefore the original digital medium whilst sensors are made of analogue components - somewhat ironic.

As 35mm provia contains 26-28 million grains, it is equivalent to around 4 million 8 bit pixels. The largest MF format Proviea is therefore equivalent to about 20 - 24 million 8 bit pixels, though of course there are much higher resolution film types out there.

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HetFotoAtelier: Wake up Nikon and produce a digital Nikonos ;-)

Oh yes, yes yes. My money is waiting Nikon.

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