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LindaCC: I have a GF1 and would love to buy this. Does it work with the GF1? I read on another blog that it will work with the firmware update. Is this true and is this the firmware update it was referring to?

Can't comment on the 14-42 but I recently bought the 45-175 and it works a treat on my GF1 - just updated the firmware from the GF1 and no problems.

I was looking at the x14-42 but think I'll wait till the GH3 comes out and get the 14-42 with that - it'll almost certainly be a kit option.

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win39: After switching to Nikon because there was no Oly digital product two years after its announcement, I had occasion to go back and use my beloved OM4T again and could not believe how flimsy and crude it felt after using the D100 for a while. As for a new camera lines from Olympus, well, been there, done that. It is just a parade of discontinued equipment with no respect for customers shown by providing a transition. OM gone with no development for years except raising the price and the company saying the lenses will not work with digital. E series gone. PEN development lagging way behind Panasonic. Corrupt corporate officers looting millions from the company and treating the whistle blower badly. Want to bet it will have a new mount and none of your lenses will work?

I'm in the same boat - had an OM1MD which I loved for its size and functionality - 'upgraded' to a OM2sp which was rubbish compared to the orginal OM2. Ended up feeling that Oly had lost the plot with serious cameras and switched to Nikon that was great but big - now with Panasonic 4/3 and really enjoying it but the thought of an OM digital is really appealing.
Wonder if Panasonic is waiting for this before they release the GH3? That'd be a tough decision although I still am a bit tainted by how badly Olympus dumped the serious OM line years back

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