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Hidden cost of RX100 models: I started with the M1 then went to MII because of the hot shoe allowance of a VF (way too expensive) then finally to the M3 and I'm completely happy with the camera - no interest in 4K, etc. BUT I've spent several hundred dollars in 2 chest pocket shirts to house my RX100M3. I need one pocket for glasses and the other, sealed, for the camera. I don't trust the safety of pants pockets. So beware!

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I'm not sure but I assume this latest Camera Raw is not available or usable in Photoshop Elements. It used to be several issues ago but lately there's no mention of Elements. Is this correct? And if so, why?


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I don't understand this vague putdown of the RX100 and the RX100II with the "unengaging experience" tag. While this is obviously a very personal reaction by the reviewer it cries out for a more detailed explanation. What is "unengaging" and how do other cameras reflect engagement?


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I'm so happy to see the G6 receive the praise that it deserves. I will never understand how DPR could fail to give this and the G5 a complete review. As far as bargains are concerned the G5 is now selling in the low $200 range. It is almost the equal of the G6 less a few bells and whistles like wifi.


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JEROME NOLAS: Great IQ for less money, sounds good to me.

No, the GH3, the EM-1 and the EM-5 are more expensive. And yes, I look forward to the full review but whatever happened to a G5 and G6 review?

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I tried asking this in the micro 4 thirds forum but got no answer --Is the G6 battery, BLC-12, compatible with the one used in the G5, GH2, Fz200, the BLB-12?


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Everlast66: How can this come so close to the mighty RX100? - 77% vs 78%
And why can it not be compared to the RX100? they are the same category and similar price ranges

I'm an RX100 owner so I admit to probably having a prejudice but I'm confused by this X20 review. In the beginning of the review the RX100 is identified as one of the competitors, i.e. enthusiast compact. Then when sensor size is mentioned as 2x or so larger on the RX100 it's put down as much more expensive. At the $600-$700 level I don't find a $50 difference as a big difference. But then when we reach the end of the reeview with the comparison bar chart the RX100 is not available for comparison.
I realize the X20 is larger than the RX100 but how much larger. It seems to me that a comparison picture of the competitors would have been helpful.
So is the RX100 a competitor or is it in a different class? The review is non-responsive to this reasonable question.


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Ihave a GH2, a G5 and an FZ200 - all with the same battery. Is the G6 the same, too or does it have a different one?


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It doesn't seem to say here or on Adobe's website but Camera Raw 7.4 can be downloaded into Photoshop Elements 11 just by clicking on update within the program.


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Any thoughts on why the A58 is not going to be available in the US at least for a while.

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Solarcoaster: Most of these are really lame. The only decent gift is the clock.

The "if you don't like it, don't read it " is rediculous. How do you know you don't like it unless you read it?

I did and I don't.

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