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Osa25: If there’s one tool that shouldn’t be subscription based it’s DAM.

Yes. Like if you're near to retirement from a hardworking career in photography, you need to seriously consider how this subscription model will work against you.
Or you are possibly prepared to shell out cash for your life expectancy to Manage your photos?

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ScottTomlinson: I don't own Apple products specifically to avoid using iTunes/AppStore. Thanks for the warning.

Because it needs to be said

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LakeSuperior1: With the speed that camera technology changes, in 5 years this will be a $1500 camera. At that point, I will own one. But until then, I don't have any problems with today's "old technology". But this does give us all a peak at what might be the norm in a few years time.

@UnChatNoir, Agreed.
I think most hobby photographers would be disappointed if they switched to medium format. The unimpressively slow lenses, the weight, the cost, the unwieldiness etc.
No harm in contemplating to own one @LakeSuperior1, but better still to appreciate your current system. The MF system will never be the norm; it is close a scientific instrument.
I worked with Hasselblads when 120 film size did matter. Easy way, but the SWC was outstanding and the 500C was neat. Changeable backs were essential for switching from Transparency to B/W films for press release.

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Fastguitars: What if there was no Adobe Lightroom.
In this case, it would probably be a lot more difficult to sell this Sony.
(and every other camera)
What if we had to actually buy a camera based on its Jpge quality, alone.
Adobe is the "Auto-tune" curse of photography.
It allows for junk cameras to be "highly reviewed", and for bad photographers to have a notable false career.

The "auto tune" curse of Adobe. A good way to put it. Other posters are taking issue with the "Jpeg quality" and SOOC, fair enough but I took what you intended as Adobe fiddling with everything from perspective to LoCal.
When their Adobe subscription is finally terminated they'll no doubt learn the true capabilities or lack of value their lenses possess.
I would be glad if Adobe left RAW shots alone, having done it fine for 50 years before all that nonsense. To get the original (flat, boring) RAW image is nigh impossible

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El Diablo 73: I don't understand why so much negativity in the comments...
the fact that Nikon is finally announcing a FF mirrorless camera is a fantastic thing. Even if you shoot Sony, Canon or Fuji, the more the level of competition increases the better for the end consumer. The fact that we have now a CHOICE to buy different cameras is a bless. Also, being able to use all my Nikkor glass with a native adapter makes all the difference in the world to me. I would have jumped to the Sony wagon years ago if it was not for the economical burden of switching systems...

Possibly due to frustration with Nikon and the slowness. Many photographers have had massive cost selling their Nikon gear to replace with mirrorless.
Canon also to fault as they have had good mirrorless video cameras (et al C100 C300) yet reluctantly with mirrorless ILCS

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csharpguy: Yes, artificial intelligence and cloud.. Of course :-).. The only "massive upgrade of Adobe" for me was to switch to Capture One. Layers, superb color editor, nicer RAW rendering.. And yes, no cloud and other AI BS.

What you didn’t love subscription forever?
Adobe has many strengths but one of them is NOT opening Raw files. In adobes proprietary colour sphere it takes over and the before/after “Y” button in lightroom reverts to a meaningless colour space rather than a particular camera makers’ “before”
I also am sick of adobe

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John Koerner: The funny thing is, mirrorless is NOT better.

There is not a mirrorless camera made that is an overall better tool than a DSLR equivalent. There is not a mirrorless lens profile available that can hold a candle to what is available to the DSLR shooter.

Ergonomically, EVF is terrible for action and challenging light. The angled grip of the Sony gets annoying after awhile, while the Nikon cameras are a joy to hold all day.

Putting a super-telephoto lens on a mirrorless camera is a joke.

Even sensor-wise, there is still banding in Sony images (DxO rates the A7R III 'equal' to the D850 ... but anyone who's shot both will tell you the D850 color blows the Sony out of the water.) So too does the D850's handling.

At the end of the day, Sony has some cool gimmicks, but mirrorless is a long way from being mainstream.

The truth is, mirroless cameras are mostly designed for part-timers, enthusiasts, and metro-sexuals ... while DSLRs are for serious photographers.

In your possible limited experience this might be true but I have used all types of cameras over my long photography career and I do not recognise what you say as the truth. The fact that Canon are aiming at ff mirrorless should make you rethink your dogma. As Tanaka from Sony said the additional sensors required by dslr to focus, apart from the shut off main sensor hold hostage the dslr to the 70 year old design that it is. The benefits of mirrorless such as realtime exposure, eye focus, in fact any number of exposure related issues would make most people’s photography more straightforward. Maybe you should welcome the news instead of attempting to convince others the old is best. Colour is dependent on profiles and camera Sensors all require profiling for specific applications. It is wrong to suggest one camera beats another in colour rendition

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got the horrendous reverse turn focus ring of Nikon

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jackspra: Great to see more video articles.

Maybe DVReview?
Time has come. Know any recent cameras don't shoot video?

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slrshooter: What is entirely missing is a recorder and their use on a hand held DSLR. You mention using recorders on still cameras (DSLR) in the lead in above but the article seemed to be totally directed to video cameras. Not much help to me.

You want to record a 2MP image? Surely not
These recorders are designed for video, a smaller frame size, and so the article follows their intended use.

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mezastel: As someone who shoots videos on A7R II, the whole experience of getting the camera to record long-running videos has been a pain. First, when I got the camera, it would blatantly overheat at 4K. I got the grip, which extended recording time from 1hr to 2hrs (again, 4K) continuous. (Luckily, the 30-minute limit on most cameras does not apply to A7 line thanks to OpenMemories.) Then of course I realized that recording externally is better, but the INOGENI 4K dongle which I got, together with a top-tier laptop, is not sufficient to encode 4K at anywhere near reasonable quality (and it's still 4:2:0 I believe). So to sum things up, prepare to shell out tonnes of money and still have a less-than-perfect solution.

The A7R II out to a dumb old Atomos Ninja2 or equivalent, will provide outstanding 4:2:2 10bit in HD. That image quality combo is excellent with no time limits.
You have chosen 4K and there's your compromise.
Shelling out tons of money? You'd pay same for similar system. Get a 2nd hand atomos and stick with HD.

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Fujica: Sony will have lots of troubles staying in the position they are in as soon as Nikon and Canon will enter the mirrorless market with some serious cameras.

I am pretty sure that a majority of people who made the move from Canon to Sony or from Nikon to Sony will be back to Canon or Nikon, the moment that 'CaNikon' will bring out some super professional mirrorless systems.

People have hold on to most of their lenses. They have never fully made the switch, and I am sure many dislike the way their Sony camera works and operates - they do like the IQ though - But that will be not enough for Sony to keep growing the moment the two giants wake up from their sleep.

By not willing to open up a roadmap people will not give Sony enough trust and confidence for future commitments.

Not true. For a variety of reasons.
Nikon lenses focus ring contra rotate to other manufacturers, so annoying and the iq is not better than Sony. V series doesn't cut it for many.
Canon I can't say for but always admired the 5dmk3, and they've made effort with mirrorless.
Mechanical iris G Nikkor indeed how last century no way I'll pay to update to E lenses. Exposures are identical with Sony system and the iq is outstanding, where Nikon exposures inconsistent.
I certainly don't forsee going back to CaNik and sports shooters probably won't change in first place.
The manufacturers cannot see ahead, so how can you?

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On article Rock Solid: Canon 1D X Mark II Review (454 comments in total)

DCI, are you kidding? This implies it's up there with the pedigree video cameras. Yet this model lacks so many basic video functions. So it's breathtakingly pretentious but with Canons good AF, for those of you/us who cannot yet focus properly. Oh hang on no peaking, so you can't focus manually anyway.
Someone please explain to me what these rascal manufacturers are doing to our sanity, or where their strategy is. I don't kimosabe.

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StewartJameson: The 4k videos is a significant feature which might actually make me buy this camera ...

Were it not for lack of focus-peaking!
Poor enough with HD but with 4K you're going to miss a lot focus.
Plus the focus pulls the opposite way to every other video lens/camera.
Nikon not there. Shame

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tinzi1: I LOVE to see how this lens competes with sigma's 35 1.4, If IQ equals, i might get this one.

All Sigma focus rotates other way round to Nikon, and do not nudge manual focus like the nikon G type. Neither are they future proofed to work with all coming developments. I also prefer to fine tune AF to camera rather than the sigma USB. If the AF-S 35mm f/1.8G is good IQ and better corner sharpness than AF 35mm f/2D..Good and it's standard 58mm thread size. Shame it is not weather sealed.

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