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On article DPReview TV: Sony a7C review (409 comments in total)

Chris speaks of moving up to this camera from a A6xxxx camera. That won't work if you're lens kit is all APS-C. You're in for a sticker shock surprise when you upgrade to FF lenses.

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Just what we need. More guys doing "unboxing" videos.

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vscd: $400 for 160GB.... yeah, reminds me of the ridiculous prices of Memory Stick Pro Hyper Super Duper back then. Sony.

20 years ago i paid $300 for a 256MB CF card. If i put it in a current model camera it would shoot about a dozen RAW files. I still have it in an old gear box.

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On article Film Fridays: 10 classic Olympus film cameras (134 comments in total)

In the seventies, United Press International equipped it’s staffers with OM gear. Also, one of the most famous Nat Geo covers was shot with an OM. Bruce Dale mounted two cameras on the tail of an airliner with 250 exposure backs (and protective boxes). Olympus had a lot of gear aimed at pros, like 250 backs, motor drives, and long lenses that others did not have. I once shot with a 250mm f2 and 350mm f 2.8 in the nineties.

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I remember a Nikon magazine ad in the early 70s that showed a black FTn prepped for the space program. Would like to see a replica of that.

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While others slide off, UpStrap stays on my shoulder. No slip grip, especially when carrying 2-3 bodies.

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AlexLex: Sigma mc11 is so good that I cant see this adapter surpassing Sigma's in any way. It may be cheaper but MC11 has such a good track record that I wonder why would anyone voluntarily be a beta tester for Yongnuo.

As good as the MC-11 is, it does not support the EF-S mount.

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" The APS-C market is very important for us, so we will create new models in the APS-C market, but we need to ask customers what kind of models they want." Does this mean there is no PhotoPlus Expo announcement of a new APS-C body that's been rumored for months? Sounds like they're still doing market research.

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Another Leica for the collector's shelf, never firing a shot and collecting dust.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
425 employees gone? And they were doing what exactly? And how many remain and those, and equally doing what? I didn't even know Kodak exists for any purposeful reason aside from lending their name to cheap Chinese camera manufactures and even cheaper 3rd party products branding. For this you need about 1 employee.

Instead, they could do themselves a favor and bring back Kodachrome that for some few crazy people (like myself) would still throw some cash at them just for that.

There is no other world company that better exemplifies the result of 2 decades making the wrong decisions can lead to than Kodak. They should have long been renamed Godak, then Wentdak, and now they are definitely nothing more than Gonedak.

Have you heard the words "digital imaging"? Do you know what a smartphone is? Have you seen their impact on taking and displaying pictures? There was nothing that was going to stop this stampede. Same with Polaroid.

Oh yeah, bringing back Kodachrome will solve all their problems. Along with wet plates.

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On article Canon G1 X III vs. Sony Cybershot RX100 V (589 comments in total)

I'm a Canon guy. I have full frame and APS DSLRS and a dozen lenses. But I also have a Sony RX100 Mark III. It's always with me. For me it beats the PowerShot. I'll take a smaller sensor because I get a much faster zoom lens with a pop up viewfinder which keeps the body smaller.

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (337 comments in total)

I've been using Lightroom for so long that when I first saw the bride's earrings, i thought the red was highlight clipping.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Adobe Lightroom 1.0 (124 comments in total)

There were a couple of home brewed RAW converters out there, some specific to Canon. I think one was called BreezeBrowser. But as a PC user, I had purchased a RAW converter for Windows whose developer went to work for Adobe on Lightroom. The upside was anyone who purchased his program got 1.0 for free. Anyone remember this?

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The financial problem for card makers is not everyone needs the fastest, largest cards. Cards that were cutting edge 2 years ago are now dirt cheap or even free when you buy a camera body. My first cards were $1/MB. I have a draw full of 2 and 4GB cards. A few years back that was all you needed. I probably paid more for those than current 32GB SD cards.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (390 comments in total)

Free or not, these are great apps. I could be very happy if it stays as is. My fear is future versions of Windows will not be compatible. Mac users have expressed the same concern.

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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (234 comments in total)

When Canon brought out their new EOS system in the 80's, it became a class leader. Some of it's firsts were multiple focus points, focus motors in the lens instead of the body, image stabilization, and Eye control focus. They all continue EXCEPT ECF. Canon never explained why. I can only imagine that the system conflicts with other aspects of digital and the viewfinder housing might be huge.

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cosinaphile: the next step in the recovery of the industry is for clueless companies to team up with android phone makers like asus and zte and create larger sensor cameraphones
that work seamlessly with android using at least 43 or 58 sq mm sensors... if they have to use folded optics , so be it develop it use bak 4 prisms or something similar to ensure high quality

even better a modular cellphone with a sliding rail system to connect a module like the dxo1 that does not depend on a flimsy attachment point , dxo s achilles heel
thats what people want .... so do it better that the pathetic 17.5 sq mm sensors
and elevate shooting from its cellphone cesspool

No that's what YOU want. A cell phone shooter wants a KISS camera. Keep It Simple, Stupid. They don't care about sensor size because the pics don't get printed, they get posted. They want the ability to zoom on their screens and add filters from apps.

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This sounds like a movie studio announcing they had the biggest movie opening for a Tuesday in April. Looking for any excuse to say "we're now number one."

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kamiyama: As Mr. Nagase demonstrates, the "o" in boke is pronounced as in the English "no" and the "e" as in the English "kept". The "h" now commonly added in the loan word in English is an unnecessary and non-standard Romanization of the Japanese . Boke is usually written in Japanese in katakana as ボケ; it is a noun form associated with the verb 呆ける, bokeru, meaning "to be befuddled, confused, blurred". Japanese photographers refer to the quality or characteristics of the circles of confusion of a lens as bokemi, literally "the taste of confusion". Another common Japanese word including boke is jisaboke, literally "time difference confusion" a rather more accurate description of what in English is called" jetlag." Incidentally, Mr. Nagase, knowing that non-Japanese have a hard time pronouncing Japanese words that include either of the dipthongs "ryu" or "ryo," was being courteous when he accepted the interviewer's incorrect pronunciation of his given name Ryu as "ru".

You do realize this is tongue in cheek, right? I've seen less analysis of e=mc2.

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I know from experience that Delta airlines will not permit Note 7s on board. Are the cases being rebranded?

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