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GordonAtWork: Isn't photography about the end result ? It's great having the newest, fastest, most hunky-doryest model around but I think most are being swept along with all the hype. Good that Nikon, Canon etc are pushing the technological barriers but the images are what count.
No good having a great camera but not having the talent to use it properly.

It is all about the end result at the end of the day. If you're a commercial photographer it is necessary to have the latest equipment if you want to be competitive. Or is it?!

Whilst these advancements in technology are incredible and cameras are becoming 'capable of anything' it is only ever the photographer that is actually capable of anything. This can be seen all over the web with many 'professional' photographers using top grade equipment and getting pretty average results.

I did an architectural commission a few years ago where there were two other photographers on site. One was using a Phase One large format system and the other a Hassy with similar setup. I was commissioned by another firm working on the project and fresh out of uni could only afford a Nikon D80 at the time. My pictures were published in an international architectural magazine and were the only pictures used exclusively by the other firms who'd commissioned the other photographers.

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