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larrytusaz: No thank you. I have an NEX-6 that would just smoke this thing (and via Wi-Fi can still share quickly), and if I needed something really small I could always get an RX100. These sorts of cameras remind me of the junky Polaroid SX-70 candy cameras of yesteryear, I didn't care for those either.

So you are ok to pay a few grands to a pro photographer who comes into your wedding with an iPhone , because he'll have it with him always. And since he's a pro he can use even the iphone to capture your memorable events with equal output and probably print a 20x30 inch with it. Oh, and needless too say, it's ok if it will not allow him to use his studio flashes, soft boxes, gels for white balance correction, etc. , because he's skilled enough to work with the "tool" he has. The iphone has everything built in and uses an auto mode anyway!

After all, it's skill alone that got humans to the moon. Who needs hardware? Right?

And Canon is unable to sell their full frames anymore because Apple started putting cameras on their phones!

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You say your users requested you to get out an equivalent for their smartphone cameras, and you chose to come up for iPhone only. Out of all the best cameras out there on smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 1020 being the king, you still chose the iPhone. I understand you want profit in numbers.. and even then the iPhone is not the most selling smartphone. So... what else could the reason be... because... your management is full of Apple fanboys?

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(unknown member): These colored iPhones look like Nokia Lumia aren't they ??

And from pentax ;)

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WazzaP: I'd be more interested to hear about the colour accuracy. It's the main reason I've stayed clear of most top end android devices. Samsung generally have the worst but most oversaturate the colours. Apple products are generally pretty good.

I agree with the color accuracy thing. But i don't know of any Apple prod supporting 100% of even sRGB. That makes me wonder why so many photographers use Apple monitors. Am i missing anything

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On article Samsung gets serious with the Galaxy S4: Camera review (44 comments in total)

"Some customizability in camera app"
Sorry, I think its way more customizable than iOS. The best would be Nokia 1020's camera app.

Love the awesome S4 features. But hate its build and how thin its plastic back is.

Either ways, start copying, Apple!

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On article What Apple announcements mean for mobile photographers (67 comments in total)
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hellocrowley: This is a big update that brings all the desirable Android and WP8 design/features into iOS. Good job Apple.

no widgets, no quad core needed to update them. There's your correlation @JadedGamer

What lag are you talking about? Ever heard of the Google Butter project for Android 4.1? Lag is the thing of the past.

I'm sorry all the extra features/options in Android are making you dizzy.

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On article What Apple announcements mean for mobile photographers (67 comments in total)
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gurmusic: All the things that can be done by software upgrade are done without destroying the simplicity, well done again...

"Simplicity" is the marketing term for the technical term "lack of functionality"

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On article What Apple announcements mean for mobile photographers (67 comments in total)
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Wye Photography: I really enjoy using the iPhone camera, the results are impressive and it makes a pleasant change from using my Hasselblad and Pro digital cameras. The quick preview of the whole OS looks really impressive. And that mac Pro, I mean, what a stunning design.

I just wish the camera update went further. RAW output, manual WB, exposure compensation just to name a few. Perhaps they can do a "pro" version for those wanting to do more instead of a camera app for the millions of instagrammers.

Asking Canon for a feature in it's future camera is one thing. Asking Apple a camera feature in the iPhone is another. Not saying you cannot. But wondering if it's going to be heard.

Btw, if they really did gave you RAW.. are you ok with the sharpness of the lens, lack of exposure controls?

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On article What Apple announcements mean for mobile photographers (67 comments in total)
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Nikonworks: Apple was and is always over priced.

Android works for me at a much better price.

A smart idiot at an ATnT store once asked the salesman "Oh.. so this android phone costs more than iPhone (4)?"

Ferrari brings in the latest and the greatest
Apple copies and releases 2 year old technologies.. after making it's users beg for it.

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On article What Apple announcements mean for mobile photographers (67 comments in total)

Wow, more options after taking the picture. It's ok if the picture is crappy and there are no options to reduce the crappy-ness. But it's important to give it that retro look!
And that too more options that Android and even non-smart phones had for years. Apple, you are so predictable. When there is no other phone in the world without a feature, then finally include it in iOS. Eg. video, deletion from call list, multitasking and many more :)

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