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I gave this a spin last night and immediately removed it. It's great that people are working on open source solutions to photography needs, but this one isn't for me.

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Does Darktable allow seamless access to extensions/plugins? I'm looking for a front end for using Luminar.

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spitfire31: I downloaded the demo, briefly tried it out on a couple of pics and then erased it from my HD.

At its heart is some glorified but less tweakable version of the Selection Brush in Photoshop. I had to do a LOT of fiddling with moderately complex photos in order to get reasonable maskings with a tool that feels much clumsier and difficult to control in use than the PS SB.

The simple zebra still above probably represents a suitable complexity for LandscapePro.

In fact, there's nothing "Pro" in LandscapePro that I can find, at least not in its current 1.0 guise and certainly nothing that can't be done quicker and more contrallably in PS, perhaps aided by a masking plug-in such as Topaz ReMask 5.

Well said. I too downloaded and tried it on a relatively straightforward photo with sky, river, city foreground and forested bank as the background. After quite some time trying to manhandle it to select the forested bank across the river, I came to the conclusion that both the quick selection took in PS or auto mask in Lightroom would have done a better job in far less time. In its present incarnation, it reminds me of (and only old-timers will remember this) the colored translucent screen people used to mount on b&w TV sets in the early fifties there were blue on top, green on the bottom, and something else in between, in a crude attempt to color sky, grass, and whatever. I'm sure many will download and make use of it, and good luck to them. Not this guy.

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photo_rb: Couple things I didn't see when skiming through the article. First Capture One has the ability to output a number of different formats at the same time. Just choose them, click develop, and walk away. As far as I can see with Lightroom, you have to output each one separately which takes time.

Also the keystone correction tool in Capture One is brilliant and anyone doing architectural photography should look at it, even if they use a shift lens as you don't always get the camera level.

True, but for the record, that is in the review.

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Great idea. Now we need a quick release mechanism that locks from the side so there's a sufficiently small form factor that it doesn't interfere with movement of articulating live view monitors on mirrorless cameras such as the NEX-7. Or has someone already thought of that, too? If not, patent pending.

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I don't quite understand what all the bitching is about. I've owned Photoshop since version 6 (pre-CS) and don't recall that we ever got updates for anything except bug corrections and updates to ACR. The new continuous update process is something that was offered to those who wanted to go on the Creative Cloud plan. To some, that feature and access to other creative tools is worth the cost. To others, it's not and you get the latest and greatest when CS7 is released, just as we have in the past. You take your pick and pay for what you want. I went with the Cloud membership for access to other tools and the fact that I'm no longer platform-dependent. In the long term, it may not be worth it to me, and I'll have to decide before CS7 comes out.

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David H Dennis: I'm confused, I have the monthly Creative Cloud subscription, and I'm not seeing the Photoshop upgrade. Is it still on the way? Has anyone else downloaded it successfully?


Yes. It got pushed this morning. If you didn't get it, open Photoshop and click the check for updates.

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