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New Nikon D5000 and 16-85mm. Have loved using Konica Minolta A200 bridge/superzoom from 2005-mid 2009. Film: Pentax SF10, 35-70 and 70-210; Olympus OM1, 28mm, 50mm (1.8), and 135mm; 1950 Crown Graphic 4x5 press camera


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On article Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores (195 comments in total)

Here in the greater Los Angeles area, Samy's is still the 800-lb. gorilla. The Hollywood Calumet gave them some competition and the service was good. Such an attractive store--good merchandising. Calumet tilted toward the serious enthusiast and professional customer. I am thankful for Samy's but really sorry to see Calumet go.

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On article At last: Snapseed for Android! (39 comments in total)

Snapseed is worth $4.99--actually, more. The economics of the app market are bizarre--developers create amazingly creative products and sell them for . . . $.99 or $1.99 or $4.99. Google has clearly decided that Snapseed's highest use is to drive traffic to Google plus, and we are all the benficiaries of that. The second benefit of free Snapseed may be in showing the world just how good U-point technology really is -- and that could pay off for Nik/Google in the long run. They will get an awesome number of people trying the software now.

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On article Apple iPhoto - iOS App review (26 comments in total)

A lot of photographers would like to use their iPad as a back-up device while shooting in the field. You'd think iPhoto for iOS would be the obvious software choice. But the lack of robust integration with iPhoto for the Mac, coupled with the really staggering compression in PhotoStream, raises huge questions. The magic of Apple is getting things to fit together easily and seamlessly, and yet here they haven't tried very hard.

I wish this review had a more similar format to Barnaby Britton's excellent Snapseed review--it would have made it easier to compare the two products. Still, this was helpful--thank you.

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The press realease says, "Outstanding image quality." Well, the features are nice, but Olympus has rarely had good results with its 1/2.3" sensors in these waterproof cameras. Try before you buy!!! My Olympus Tough, now an older model, takes pictures underwater no better than a $15 film disposable with a plastic lens.

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)

I was a loyal Pentax SLR customer for several decades before entering the digital age about 10 years ago. I wanted to like this camera and the Pentax Q also. To me, the sad truth is that this camera is too big and the Q, with its tiny sensor, is too small. Pentax is looking for a niche but they haven't found it. I hope they do.

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On article Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts (170 comments in total)
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digital age 2002: Third Party lenses are sometimes very good, and this round-up is excellent, but due to the inconsistency of third party lenses and low brand equity, we need a detailed review to set our expectation right so avoid a purchase and a return.
Thanks dpreview, we need more of that.

For tables, try the lens comparison tool on dpreview -- an excellent relatively new feature. Go to Lenses / side-by-side lens comparison.

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I'm an amateur, seriously thinking about trading down my Nikon D5000, 3 lenses, and other gear to a smaller form-factor system. I know I will not get quite as much IQ. So, as a Nikon loyalist, I might be a prime candidate for the V-1. However, even with (I think) realistic expectations, I have been disappointed in the low-ISO IQ of this camera from the available samples. That's the deal-breaker for me--the low ISO really needs to be competitive or what's the point? I'll be watching for more info on dpreview, but not running to the store. . . .

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