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I feel like they make the fujifilm wins mostly because they love it aestheticly.

Otherwise I think the A7iii gives you superior results most of the times, even if it’s older.

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King of Song: Sorry,

I find most of the comments to be quite disgusting. If any of you had half a brain, and understood the technical challenges involved in designing and manufacturing a lens like this, you'd understand it's worth every penny. If any of you with merely an average IQ, were taken on a full tour of the design room and full production of this lens you'd all shut up.

As far as the usefulness of this lens goes, I contend it's extremely useful. Personally I have found a wide-angle zoom is more useful than a tele zoom, as you are more likely to able to take a few steps forward (or crop) than to take a few step back, (no option to reverse crop).

Waiting for the hate response from the dumb dumbs, Cheers

Sadly DPReview is no more Pro oriented.

Vloggers and Youtubers are the main users now.

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gohunter: Hopefully, they have also managed to employ someone who understands ergonomics and how to build a menu system that doesn't suck! I bought an A7 II a couple of years ago and ditched it within a couple of months as I was so fed up with missing shots with it due to the abysmal menu. For me, there is nothing else on the market that compares to the superb ergonomics of the Fujifilm X series.

On a7riv ergonomic is much improved and quite perfect frankly.

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This camera makes no sense.
But aesthetically at least they copied Sony.

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Copyng Sony again?

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God bless Tamron

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BKLorenzo: Which mounts does it have?

Sony FE mount, canon EF mount and PL mount.

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C plus plus: No wonder why Sony can't sell smartphones. They are a few years behind in camera tech and their AI software is lousy compared to Google, Apple, Samsung and Hauwei.

My phone is over a year old and has a better zoom, higher resolution camera, and is better in just about every way than this dog. Even the aperture is faster. How sad is it that this phone can't compete with phones that are well over a year old??

Btw, Sony had to leave all but a couple markets because sales were so low. Last I saw at least 12 companies had higher markets hare in cameras, Sony was bleeding money while market share plummeting to near zero.

If you want a real smartphone that actually does more, stick with Apple, Samsung, Google, or Hauwei. or even Oppo, LG, ZTE, Xiaomi.

Are you a Sony hater?

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