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It's much more likely that one lens in the dual camera module has a f1.5 aperture and the other has f2.4.

The Note8 has this arrangement although the faster lens is only f1.7.

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Androole: That's a really darn clever idea.

Though I think the typical reason for lens reversing is due to its extremely simple, low-cost nature. For a $440 accessory, I would probably sooner get a dedicated macro lens...

Extension tubes and bellows work just fine with macro lenses but work much better with wide angle lenses. As you increase the focal length you need a longer extension to achieve the same magnification.
I get nearly 10:1 with bellows and 35mm macro lens. I can get 4:1 with my adjustable extension tubes.

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T3: That's pretty cool! But like all of Novoflex gear, it's a bit pricey. Hopefully, another vendor will come up with a less expensive alternative that does the same thing.

I'm still using Novoflex gear I bought 35 years ago so it might be more expensive than Chinese knock offs but it's better value.

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entoman: 440 dollars for a reversing ring, and it doesn't even have a Leica red dot.
What a bargain.....

Fujifilm charge $100 each for their extension tubes, so $200 for 1:1 magnification. Using multiple tubes to achieve 7:1 would cost $1400 give or take a couple of hundred.
Sony don't make extension tubes AFAIK but if you bought quality 3rd party tubes they would probably cost close to $100 for 1:1.

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AlanG: Why not adapt any manual lens you want and just shoot stopped down? In good light, the EVF should stay pretty bright. There are countless enlarging lenses that one can buy cheap. You can use many lenses in the normal way for close up or reverse where appropriate if going closer than 1:1

Sdaniella, a good adaptor, rather than a $35 eBay special, will stop down a mechanical aperture. Like most things you get what you pay for.
The best will allow you to focus wide open and then close the aperture and these also allow adjustment of the aperture on lenses with no aperture ring, although the actual aperture setting is guesswork.
The mechanisms of some adaptors stop down to the working aperture at all times but that's usually OK with mirrorless because the viewfinder or LCD will automatically brighten to reflect your exposure settings.
It's only poorly made adaptors that only allow wide open apertures and they will probably break if they don't damage your camera first.

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bakhtyar kurdi: Why spend $400?
It is been available long time ago, most E mount users already have Canon to Sony E mount adapter.

Funny I must have misplaced my Canon to Sony adaptor. It must be with my misplaced Canon lenses.

I think you might find that many Sony owners who owned Canon lenses before changing systems have Canon to Sony adaptors. I have adaptors so I can use the lenses I already own, not so I can buy incompatable lenses and use them. I would just buy Sony lenses. Of course, then I'd need to buy one of these if I want to use them for macro.

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sh10453: It doesn't look like they have done some market study to see what the competition is selling similar products for. $440 vs. $35 seems hard to justify.

The eBay item is for Canon so if you want to use one for your Sony E mount body you have to buy the Novoflex.

As far as Novoflex pricing goes, have you ever owned their equipment. I have several lenses and other macro adaptors and you get what you pay for.

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Sam Carriere: One of the amazing things about this discussion, and similar ones elsewhere is that two years ago, when the NEX-7 was first announced, it was universally deemed the best thing since sliced bread. Reviewers who had never even seen the actual camera fell over themselves finding appropriate superlatives. It took a year from the first announcement for Sony to actually produce the camera and in that time, the enthusiasm raged unabated.
And now ... it seems few people have much good to say about the poor NEX-7.
I did not have much faith in web-based reviews at the time this all happened, and I have even less now.
The whole thing, though, was a triumph for Sony marketing which correctly assessed the leming-like nature of both reviewers and consumers.

So let me get this straight ... it's ok for us to reply to you Sam, but we can't rely on what you actually said in your original comment.

I think the moral is who gets taken in by marketing hype: the person who likes the idea of a new product, tries it and finds they like it, maybe even sells off their older equipment to build a new system or someone who buys a new camera every couple of years just because it's the latest and 'greatest' even though they aren't getting the most out of the equipment they have?

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Kibo in SF: I'm a pro who usually shoots Nikon. The Nex 7 is awesome! But why Sony put the video on/off in a menu that you have to go find is beyond me.why not make it like the Function button and press it for three second or double tap it is beyond me, unless it a program issue and the press for four second holds was taken?

It was to satisfy the hordes who were howling that they couldn't keep their right thumb still when shooting stills so they were accidentally activating the video function. Guess you can't please everyone.

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mimaphotos: The price is high and it is a very dangerous system because until today Fuji did not show that they want to care for their products.

Today the firmware/software is one of the most essential parts of a camera.

But Fuji did not make much for the X100 and nothing for the X10.

So I think it is better to buy f.e. a Ricoh, Pentax or a Leica camera because these people help their customers.

What are you smoking?

Fuji had a firmware update available for the x10 almost before their first orders were filled.

People who have only found photography in the digital era forget that Fuji is one of the heavy hitters in the industry. Look at their medium format cameras and particularly the GX680 if you want evidence of a complete photographic system and support.

And who did Hasselblad turn to to manufacture the X-PAN and its lens range? The same company that manufactures lenses for their digital medium format sytem - Fujifilm.

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jj74e: "Specifically designed to maximise the mirror less design of the body the X-Mount has a short flange back distance of just 17.7mm. "

I thought it does have a mirror because its hybrid viewfinder is also optical? How does it achieve an optical viewfinder without a mirror?

Anyway, I'm not sure what Fuji is aiming for here. It's double the price of the Sony NEX7 if you account for the purchase of one of their pricey prime lenses. So its image quality really does have to be as good as full frame to justify its price. However, it probably doesn't have the video capabilities of Canon's 5D Mark II, and the fact that the one thing Fuji HASN'T really showed off is its AF performances coupled with the X100's sluggish performance probably means its AF performance isn't up to par either. And the 5D is only a few hundred away from Fuji's Pro X system. So...poor man's Leica regardless, it's overly expensive.

The Leica M9 has an optical viewfinder and no mirror. Look at the images, the viewfinder is a direct view type not TTL.

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