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Melchiorum: To everyone complaining about "only 5 elements": the sheer number of elements doesn't make the lens better. In fact, it is guaranteed to make it worse in SOME areas, such as microcontrast or light transmission.

Manufacturers of contemporary lenses often prioritize spacial resolution (or "sharpness") because that's what an average consumer wants. Pixel-peepers are concerned only about sharpness, while ignoring everything else about the lens. And thus, pressured by the demand for resolution, manufacturers cram a ton of correcting elements into the barrel, because they know unsharp lenses don't sell.

But here's a thing: look at the image produced by Voigtlander, Leica or older Zeiss lenses. It's not amazingly sharp, but it's just so incredible. Color, microcontrast, tonal gradations, depth rendering - all are top-notch. And now look at the number of elements those lenses have: it rarely exceeds 10 and most of the time it is lower than that.

AFAIK to correct for aberrations at such extreme f/stops you need a lot of lens elements...

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On article DPReview on TWiT: Is the Sony a9 worth $4500? (223 comments in total)
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willmore: At the risk of being on topic, I am glad to see DPReview and TWiT working together. It's good to see TWiT looking to experts in their respective fields and it's good that DPReview is seen as an expert in this field.

I hope this partnership continues and is benificial to all involved--including the viewers of the show.

TWIT has gone steadily downhill since 2012. The shows are hosted by people with nil knowledge of technology (Leo is seriously out of his depth on anything technical). Security Now is the only show with any real technical content - the rest are just pundits and hacks.

Shame that DPR is getting close to the declining TWIT network...

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@DPR: Please don't post this kind of BS clickbait consisting of worthless "market analysis" performed by companies that cannot even hire a decent copywriter.
I could have pulled a better analysis out of my analysis.

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Is there any printed book that includes some of these photographs? I've seen a lot of the over-processed prize-winners. I'd like a book with more snap-shot style images, giving a more (eary) realistic feeling of what it must have been like.

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Superka: NOT Supporting Windows XP, Windows XP 64. VERY NICE! I do have very powerful computer, but I HATE WINDOWS 7 for using 1GB of RAM, instead of 250MB as Windows XP 64. Neither of my 12 GB of RAM are unnecessary.
I feel that Adobe and Microsoft both force us to use this awful and stupid Windows 7. There are much more complicated software, supporting Windows XP 64.

Windows 7 works fine with little memory.
I've run enterprise grade engineering SW (and FF 3.6 at the same time) in a 384MB (!) Win7 VM without problems. At this point Win7 uses less memory than OS X 10.7 (my main OS)

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On article Article: How to shoot creative canine photographs (36 comments in total)

Well the photos are quite good, and provide and interesting staring point, the associated text comes across as trite "A successful dog photo captures the natural beauty and personality of the dog." and doesn't really give any advice.

After a few sentences: "Now that you’ve mastered photographing your dog staying perfectly still and playing full-tilt, ". Right, with the only technical tip being Tv @ 1/1000.

I've found DPreviews Articles to be little more than posts - (e.g. "Introduction to travel photography"). Have a look at the venerable, which at least gives some deeper articles.

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Too bad that the DMCA is a draconian legislation that is *not* for the benefit of the lonely photographer, but was dreamed up by Hollywood for protecting its interests.

PS C E Wright appears to be a fairly good photographer, to her credit.

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