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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (551 comments in total)

....l think the pre 2008 premise (when l got into this hobby) has changed......at that time you looked for continuity across technology upgrades but Olympus, Nikon and Sony destroyed that assumption with waffling and system discontinuities......so I'd say look for a body and lens combo that suits your foreseeable needs.....and not building a system based on a brand...,..this coming from a guy that started with Sony; then acquired a large Olympus FT system; left that to build a Nikon APS-C system c/w software..... and is now a mixed Olympus-Panasonic MFT shooter.....no brand loyalty whatsoever

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...I actually wish that someone had told me not to bother with anything beyond the kit lens and memory card until what are in my mind, absolute required purchases:
#3) A decent monitor
#4) A color calibration device

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newe: The real lesson is to stop posting all your nonsense life drivel on social media with pictures.

I would reiterate what "newe" posted .....oh.....but will l be sued ? :)

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Wow....it hit 100.....its a must have to go with a sound system that maxes out oscilloscope readings

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (596 comments in total)
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LJohnK2: Question: Shutter Shock.....didn't notice any mention of it.....so wonder if there is a new mechanism in this body or is e first curtain is still the way to go ?

.....my understanding is that Canon DSLR's (and others) that do have ELC must lock the mirror up so you can only shoot via the back LCD.....useless to me if l can't use the ovf

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (596 comments in total)
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LJohnK2: Question: Shutter Shock.....didn't notice any mention of it.....so wonder if there is a new mechanism in this body or is e first curtain is still the way to go ?

Thanks....for amatuers like me that want a light wt package having the e first curtain is an advantage of mft over some of the small mid tier APS-C

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (596 comments in total)

Question: Shutter Shock.....didn't notice any mention of it.....so wonder if there is a new mechanism in this body or is e first curtain is still the way to go ?

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (204 comments in total)
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(unknown member): I personally have a distaste for this design.
A crazy mix of different radii, chamfered and rounded edges, awkward combination of concave and convex curves, terrible fusion of shiny and glossy surfaces, chaotic accentuation of buttons, brushed vs. sandblasted surfaces, the use of 'well intended but not well chosen' fonts...

...imho it just looks like a cheap prop from a bad sci-fi movie.

Edit: This being said, I believe the black version is a bit more forgiving..

I actually like the design and button layout of the Mk l the best of the trio....but "terrible" seems harsh.....
Mkl & Mkll rely on electronic first curtain to avoid shutter shock....wonder if they have tweaked the mechanism ?
Safe offering like automotive industry....minor body tweaks, incremental upgrades so no r&d costs but missing the high end sensor so still differentiated from the higher tier.

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Whether intentional or not, this "news" publically villifies an individual for what amounts to an internal personnel/employment matter. Anyone that knows anything about these types of institutional HR processes knows how problematic and politicized they can be. They all too often fail to meet any standard of impartiality and lack context that is critical to understand what actually happened. The investigators, often external lawyers can be biased, sloppy and interested in anything but truth.

.....so what's next, weekly reports on Amazons internal HR matters listing the names of the institutional offenders ?

So very disappointing to see this on the site.

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....I cant believe the level of naivety of some of the comments...surrender all your photos to the web....instant everywhere access.....lah, lah, lah....because companies are surely altruistic and if not, the government will ensure your content is treated properly, etc....good grief.

Yes, necessity of first world life is that a bunch of info about you resides online....but why would you submit when you have a choice ?

I love LR but moving to the cloud is like settling for a pretty spouse with a bad personality.....move on.....other options.

Link | Posted on Jul 27, 2017 at 21:52 UTC as 9th comment

From the above all I can say is that it seems like Nikon is no longer run by people that like to make money while pursuing their passion, but by people who's passion is money.....hence the il defined management drivel.....no vision....very North American like......sad.

Link | Posted on Jul 25, 2017 at 21:51 UTC as 64th comment

What speed problem ?....I have a moderately spec'd system and find it very responsive....I only work with stills and no batch processing.....I've used lots of different software and speed is nowhere on the list of my LR gripes and I sure have some.....?

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On article Light's L16 camera is in final stages of testing (306 comments in total)

This is the most interesting product I think l've seen in the last decade.....just not sure pro or enthusiast shooters will be interested...... estimated launch price is $ 1,700 which puts it way outside the causal interest market and regardless of price l just don't see the cell phone crowd bothering......so l think this design will either morph quickly, dumb down for cell phones or be used for commercial purposes.... dot see it has a consumer future.......but the again I don't get Facebook☺

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dash2k8: This piece is overly opinionated. It basically tells the reader repeatedly "this is dumb; don't buy it." I think we're all smart enough to make purchase decisions on our own, we don't need a condescending article to impose the author's personal distaste on us. If they filed this under "opinion" or "editorial," fine, but "news"? Long live responsible journalism.

Chill......it's clearly a tongue in cheek piece.... need some humor to balance the overly emotional wars that occur in the Forums.....they aren't called "war zones" but they frequently are.

.....I see this as an article to restore the harmony once again .


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On article Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D500: Which is better for you? (398 comments in total)

After 7 years I dumped my Nikon DX Gear and went mirrorless....the D5600 and D7500 clearly confirm I made the correct decision....the only enthuist offering that appeals to me is the D500 but the size and weight rule out that DX powerhouse.

The D7500 has a nice new sensor in an otherwise non compelling body.

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On article Nikon D7500: What you need to know (533 comments in total)

After the long overdue D500 hit it out of the ballpark, thought maybe they would get the APS-C line right, but then the meh D5600 and well.......the D7200 seems better in some aspects and at the very least is an equal offering overall no matter how you cut it. The most baffling miss in this tier of body remains an AF system with all the cross points clustered in the middle.....who made that decision ?.....it's frankly a universal pain for even still shooters....perplexing to me given who this body is aimed at.

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On article Headed to Havana? Check out these photo spots (61 comments in total)
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malabito: Those are nice tips if you want to shoot what everyone does. Not bad in doing tourism, but is not what I will call photography tips. And yes if you go to those places be prepare to pay a couple of dollars for every portrait you take.

And yes those pictures of the old wrinkle woman with a cigar is not day to day people is for tourists :)

Love Cuba and actually the entire county is a photography opportunity not just Havana....If you want a "photography tip" for Havana I have one....don't take photos of security personnel at work...lol.

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Two things that perplex me......who actually uses compacts like this anymore ?.....when I am on vacation I see in oder of frequency Canon Rebel DSLRs, cell phones and Olympus Tough Waterproof compacts....can't remember the last time I saw anyone with a compact and why oh why do they pack so many MP onto a tiny sensor, surely the marketing folks could think of a better angle to sell HQ compacts with actually decent IQ, particularly since sales have bottomed in this market segment....could only imagine how good compacts could be if the used current sensor technology for 7 MP coupled to one of these compact lenses.

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When you get down to it.....its really not possible to discern what this announcement means in tangable effects to customers or even the engineering staff inside for that matter.......l see this announcement as typical of an archaic management approach that plagues Nikon.....right now the company seems to be resting on its legacy in a number of sectors.

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faterikcartman: I can't help but think of Kodak. Does anyone know the best place to sell camera gear? I'm thinking of getting Nikon out of my bag. Unfortunately, everything is Nikon.

......why sell if you are happy with your gear ?.....you are far better off to use it until a critical breakdown .....and then eBay the leftovers as you will take nothing but a beating selling used.....and besides, everything camera is obsolete quickly, bodies 2 years tops lenses seems like about 5 years...but the old ones still work

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