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What? Adobe upping their price? What a surprise... Stop annoying yourself,, change to one of the now many alternatives.
Once they have you on the cloud they have you forever!

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Just started to play around with L2018 and am impressed,, I like the flexibility of workspace layout,, at last an alternative to Lightroom.. looking forward to the "Library" module..

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I am slightly loosing the joy of using Lightroom6 and am in a process of moving over to On1... LR still very slow even with updates and am also not a fan of the "subscription lifestyle" it just seems expensive for a few annual updates..

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Ever since Adobe came up with LR CC I have been looking for a way out as you feel like a 2nd class user with the stand alone LR6 and just feel someone is after my money, I have upgraded from LR3,4,5,6 but I think this is the end,, I am not sure that Adobe realize that there are alternatives and many of us enjoy our photography , do it as a hobby and don't want to play games. I have just bought Affinity and it seems to be a good product at a good price..

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (718 comments in total)

Hi Folks.. Interested to read your news,, Somewhat saddened to read that some find the need to revert to "strong" language. For something that we all read for free as part of our hobby and interest could I appeal to those that feel the need to revert to such that we inhabit the world we make for ourselves. Its a great site whether its black or white (I never really thought about it, it was just DPR and it was on a black background that's all) but it is now great to get the option.. Keep up the great work,,

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