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On article Best smartphone cameras of 2019 (254 comments in total)

As of today June 13th, according to DxOMark's measurements, all top 8 phone cameras are chinese and korean products: four from Huawei and others from Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi.
The iPhone XS Max appears as #9.
The Google Pixel 3 comes #16.

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On article One month with the Huawei P30 Pro (516 comments in total)

Guys, I live in South America, and have already experienced how the technology bans work.
First the consumer is deprived of the best technology available, encouraged by voices claiming "protect our industry, our jobs, our security (or whatever)."
Temporarily the local industry thrives, isolated from the best-in-class competition.
Until some day the country returns to free trade. By that time the local industry has become incompetent beyond repair.

By the way, I have a Huawei P20Pro, it has got a GREAT camera.

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On article Huawei P30 Pro: The new benchmark for smartphone zoom (555 comments in total)
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ChuckTa: Seems even B&H sells the unlock version now.

That is link it to the P30, not the P30 Pro - they are different models, and at substantially different prices.

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Short version. The film rule was "expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights". The digital rule is "expose for the highlights".
Intuitively true, because film produces a negative image and sensors a positive one.

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Decades ago, when HP was the master of the laser printers, the new ink jet technology posed a challenge. HP set up a new independent division with the goal of building the best ink jet printer themselves, even at the risk of canibalizing their own laser printers. And they succeded - unlike countless examples of companies in various industries, that could not manage the change.
The C & N strategists should take note.

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Déjà vu.
Newcomers challenging the market with new technology.
Incumbents with large customer bases claiming to slow upgrade to "protect the investment".
A few fat guys, like Gandalf, were reborn after the fire (IBM).
Others recluded themselves into a niche (Leica).
But most vanished: RCA, Kodak, Xerox, Nortel, Ericsson, Nokia . . .
Canon and Nikon next?

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On article PowerShot Shootout: Canon's G1 X III vs G7 X II (254 comments in total)

Image quality is easier compared reasoning as all astronomers and bird watchers do: at similar construction quality, performance depends solely on the lens diameter.
For example, in the portrait example taken at 72mm equivalent FL:
Canon G1X at 45mm FL divided by 5.5 = 8.0 mm lens diameter.
Canon G7X 26.4mm FL / 2.8 = 9.4 mm lens diameter.
That's why the G7X performs better.
So it is also clear why an inexpensive 50mm f/1.8 on any ASP-C camera is a no-brainer: it delivers 31 mm of lens diameter.

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New communications systems did not come from AT&T.
The smartphone was created neither from Motorola nor from Nokia.
Beamers are not enhanced slide projectors, etc.
Probably the disruptive innovation in photography is incubating right now in a garage somewhere... and the product will indeed look like an insect's eye.
Darkroom >> Lightroom >> ???

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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2499 comments in total)

It is all summarized in the chart of the "equivalent" 100 mm f/4 and 50 mm f/2 - both have the same 25 mm diameter.
Every astronomer knows that the optical resolution of a perfect lens depends only on its diameter. Depth of field also depends only on diameter.
Today's high end cameras have a sensor resolution in excess of what current lenses can deliver. So, when looking for image quality and depth of field, only the lens diameter counts.
It doesn't matter whether you use M43, ASPC, FF or larger : you will have to pay for and carry the same mass of glass.

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