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Hiker and high country addict. Three months/yr in SW Florida. Fujifilm X70, Olympus Pen F, numerous native µ4/3 lenses, Gitzo carbon tripods, RRS ball heads, Lightroom, Spyder Pro color calibration

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  • Hi Jake, Don't get me started... :-) (1) The closest to you will be Ft Myers Beach . Sunsets at the pier can be very nice. The Sanibel lighthouse is in the distance on a clear evening, although it's so ...
  • I have visited the Portland area 9 of the last 10 years in mid-spring. I always enjoy getting upriver to the falls. I have hiked several times the exact trail you took, and many others in the ...
  • Replied in Thanks, Ben
    I've never done anything like that. It would not occur to me (until now!) to uprez an image for general use, rather than just engage in interpolation for a print. Is it common to uprez images and ...
  • I believe that was at a time when Olympus actually repaired its own cameras, rather than contracting out as (I think) they do now. I had some good experiences with Olympus repair until 2011, when ...
  • Replied in either place
    The OM-D cameras are all µ4/3 cameras that look like DSLRs. It is not a DSLR because SLR implies a flippy mirror, always. In any event, there is some cross-posting between the forums. In ...
  • Replied in I believe...
    I believe that Olympus repair in the USA nowadays may be done with a contract through a third party; don't quote me on that though. If that's the case, I'm not surprised the OP was told they ...
  • How did you get a 3000 x 2250 pixel image from that good 'ol E-1? That's far beyond the full resolution of the sensor. :-) Jim Pilcher Bonita Springs, FL, USA Life is a breeze by the sea
  • Replied in sly dog
    I am amazed the OP did not perceive the size of such a dog. I would not want to meet it in a dark alley. Jim Pilcher Bonita Springs, FL, USA Life is a breeze by the sea
  • Well spotted!!! Jim Pilcher Bonita Springs, FL, USA Life is a breeze by the sea
  • Your new DSLR and lens is going to be much heavier than a mirrorless kit with a couple of extra batteries. Step back and think about what "traveling light" really means. :-) I'm not trying to ...
  • I know what you mean. I purchased a high end core i7 Surface Pro and the USB port was dead right out of the box. Took it back. Stayed with HP laptops. No problems.

  • Stacked filters? Really? C'mon!

  • Replied in open minds
    Anyone with an open mind cannot help but be impressed with the OM-D E-M1 MkII (or Mk I for that matter). Jim Pilcher Bonita Springs, FL, USA Life is a breeze by the sea
  • Replied in capacitors
    Capacitors can and do wear out. If keeping the battery in your camera does not do the trick, it's time for a trip to Olympus repair. Good luck with that; I've had highly mixed results, mostly poor ...
  • Hi Jalywol, Nothing you said contradicts my comments. :-) Limited to the three lenses the OP mentioned, I'd stick with a Lumix choice on his Lumix body. Like you, my Oly 12mm f/2 is probably my ...
  • Hi Robert, I love the shutter speed your Casio put on one of the jpegs: 599/500000 sec! Jim Pilcher Bonita Springs, FL, USA Life is a breeze by the sea
  • Replied in line art mode
    I really like this mode. I've used it on Olympus bodies since it was introduced. I use it seldom and I use it sparingly, like my fisheye lens, but this mode is fun when I'm just experimenting. You ...
  • As much as I like my Olympus equipment, especially the lenses, I recommend that you stick with a lens made by the body manufacturer; Lumix in your case. Unless a lens from a different manufacturer ...
  • I have my Pen F as my only m4/3 body since May of last year. I recently purchased the M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro. I find it a bit large, but certainly not unmanageable, on my Pen F; it made a ...
  • Replied in Off to Olympus
    Send it to Olympus or a highly competent independent facility for a CLA (clean, lube, adjust) if it bothers you that much. Lenses are much like automobiles; much easier to take apart than put ...
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