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It's a two-edged sword for nikon.

On one hand, using a smaller sensor and being really portable allows them both to take market share from low-end DSLR and higher-end P&S - i.e. the mass market that is most susceptible to switching to phone-only solution

On the other, the dinky tiny sensor is causing anyone who wants at least D5400 or better to just complete ignore Nikon and go for more established solutions in the form of m43 / E-mount / FE-mount / Fuji (I still believe Canon and Samsung are niche players in mirrorless)

The launch of FE-mount was truly the game changing event against DSLRs. Exciting times indeed.

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absolutely great price. originally i feared somewhere close to US $1250-1750. This new price of $799 will absolutely make a killing (if only i still have my APS-C camera)

it may not be perfect optically at f/1.8, but if it approaches prime-lens level with minimal CA, distortion, and great MTF by f/2.8, this thing would make both canon and nikon eat its own lunch (and this is coming from a nikon fan)

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people who'd buy this .... chances are, they'd only use the kit zoom, max 1 more cheap fast prime

if you want APS-C but barely changing lenses, i'd go for mirror less

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Hassle + Bad

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just took my RX100 to a j-lo concert ... beat the pants out of my Oly PL2 (m43) camera in terms of compactness for the same image quality

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Mordechai: Only Nikon fans could still fall for the more-megapixels gimmick in this day and age. . . . Canon folks know better.

coming from the company that was pushing 21mp FX at least 3 years ago

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2012 at 18:09 UTC

promising system.... now add

1. ultrawide zoom
2. fast wide/normal/tele prime trio (and *small* size - no stinking NEX-sized primes that's even larger than the body)
3. a 3rd high-end camera body with full manual controls to compete against E-P3 and NEX7
4. F-mount adapter that's seamless and full AF

and we have a winner. the moment the F-mount is out you can get a large chunk of the 30% installed base to consider this over larger sensors.

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i hope Leica means *autofocus* mirrorless. arent the M8/M9 already manual-focus mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras ?

something along the lines of an AF version of M-mount, with backward compatibility with old M manual lenses.

the errors one gets from doing MF wrong is far worse than the gains using Leica glass.

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