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  • Hi Mocha, I always appreciate your advice so please don't be shy about giving it. With that being said I have not Mfa'd the 100-400 yet only the 150-600. (My first attempt at MFA) . I was testing ...
  • Thank once again Mocha, the shots with the 150-600 I shared was at dusk so I opened it up . When shooting in bright light mine seems to work best F-9 . And yes I gave up on the idea of an extender ...
  • Lol thanks CD, this lens is driving me crazy!Oh I almost forgot I did one other thing after my last witch session yesterday, I enabled my focus beep. I got to thinking maybe it was still my ...
  • Ground targets. I like this lens for these. The duck didnt mind the rain drops. Storm blowing in Hoppy seemed happy the rain stopped A touch far away but decent reults.
  • Lol Nice tail CB1 agree with CD that sharpness is awesome.CD Love the hummer I had a tad better results today but was shooting in between the raindrops. I practiced on semi going down the ...
  • Sorry guys I got wrapped up in my frustrations, Adventurer I love those boats and bike beautiful shots. Stricnine I love how you play with color any chance you get nice work. Here are a couple from ...
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    Very cool, well I figured out what may be my issue we will see tomorrow, I went to check to see if VC was on in the bag and it was but I dont think that was the issue, I picked my camera up ...
  • I just read with this lens if VC (IS) is on and not in panning mode with birds in flight will cause blurring. I am not convinced of that because I usually have mine off unless shooting perched ...
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    Sorry guys dont mean to be ruining the thread with my struggles, just frustrated two months ago shooting swallows picking bugs off the water with no issue's and now seems to have fallen apart. ...
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    Thanks for the tip Mocha I have never dug into custom settings great Idea. CD way back Digi opened the post up to any camera for instance I am shooting an 80D so not right forum for me as well if ...
  • Welcome to shooting in the rain and crappy weather Digi! lol very cool shots in harsh conditions to boot. Thanks CD, I considered the 1.4 tele but I have read mixed reviews on the Tamron verison, ...
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    *AI Servo
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    Nice shots everyone, CD Love the coopers, and Mocha of course I love the Egret (One of my favorite birds) But like CD said that boat being painted is super cool. Now the reason for my Ugh. On my ...
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    Zee at the time of the first photos it was set to focus priority. Thanks for all the info.
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    Thanks all, I just knew this lens should be doing better then what I was seeing in good light so I got over being afraid and started testing.
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    Hm Exif Data says 483mm, I was positive I was at 600mm, guess I will have to test on birds again tomorrow night and make sure I am at 600. I was so pleased to lol
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    So I haven't been pleased with the sharpness of my 150-600 it just seemed a bit off so I decided to try my hand at Micro focus adjustment. After shooting my crude target, taking shots at the 600mm ...
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    So I made a crude attempt at coming up with a way of testing focus on my 150-600. My target was 60 feet from camera , camera on tripod   AV mode wide open 2 sec delay IS off viewfinder remote ...
  • Mizzou, you are not boring me in the least, I love the shots if you have more please continue to share. CD, same here in single point, point can be off of bird and decent shot, in fact going back ...
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    Very Nice Stricnine,When I was younger I spent many nights just staring at the night skys. Sometimes if I was lucky I would talk a lady friend into joining me. :)
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