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  • Added to FRV too, please test
  • You are telling me I'm correct. That's beyond parody. Yes. You need to map them to sRGB by hand. Yes. You need to map them to the gamut of the output device by hand.
  • Why, it is very easy. You fit the output to sRGB, carefully watching what you are doing. Direct and blind conversion of camera output to sRGB is not a good option. sRGB, as it was demonstrated to ...
  • We failed to bring those people to order. It is our guilt. Banning is not a solution.
  • I do not see people insulting him and calling him names being banned and their accounts and offensive posts all deleted.
  • How do you know what images fit the sRGB, and how do you know those that fit need to stay that way? I don't. Maybe somebody wants blue to be more saturated? You don't care.
  • To begin with, Andrew was banned.
  • Replied in Is m43 flat?
    Greater DR means more contrast end-to-end because DR is exactly that, contrast end-to-end. Measurements do not have 'pop' ;) Lr doesn't show you raw file or raw histogram. What you see is a rendition.
  • The matrix is needed only if the numbers are different per serial number. ILCE "FF" cameras where it is the case: ILCE-7RM3 ILCE-7RM2 ILCE-7R ILCE-7SM2 ILCE-7S ILCE-7M2 ILCE-7 ILCE-9 This type of ...
  • How to check: - take the same image, assign it different colour spaces - put the resulting images through some film simulation - check if the RGB numbers on the images after the film simulation are ...
  • That's sensitivity calibration. Or after, like colour calibration through something similar to DNG correction matrix (tags 0xc623 / 0xc624, see pp. 34 and 79 of DNG Spec pdf ). Years ago we ...
  • There is a third factor there, calibration in firmware. But that's the matter between C1 team and SONY. Something is not communicated.
  • By the way, one of the idiocies of "film simulations" is that many of them assume sRGB as input and output.
  • sRGB doesn't encompass darkroom paper / film colours. AdobeRGB is a better choice, though not ideal. Please have a look at Color Set Evaluations
  • I guess it is more of a policy question. One can opt to start averaging greens 4+ stops below HL clipping for base ISO, and decrease the margin with ISO going up.
  • Predominant colour space is LCD monitor space. You are welcome to measure a few ordinary monitors and plot their gamuts vs sRGB. Something like Section E at ...
  • "Given a false fact, I can prove anything true."
  • It doesn't matter because most monitors are not calibrated / profiled, and /or when browsers are not colour-savvy. Take a spectrometer, display same test pattern on two different monitors from ...
  • I'm not sure Color Matrix in Sony Makernotes is a compromise matrix, diagonal elements are quite close to 1s. It looks more like colour calibration matrix. Given that the cameras use sensitivity ...
  • As a matter of fact, here are Adobe CMs (17 is Ill. A, 21 is D65, 9 is number of elements in a matrix): {"Sony", "ILCE-7RM3", 17, 21, 9, {0.7683f,-0.3276f,0.02990f,-0.3630f,1.0892f,0.3161f,-0.0162f ...
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