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boni bonev: Nikon D500 has much better NOISE/DETAIL ratio... It is clear visible from this test. Also better DR

Uhhhh does it? Pretty sure its similar at low ISO and then A9 beats the hell out of it at higher iso:,Sony%20ILCE-9

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janist74: I made some real life test photos with the A9 to see how far I can push the shadows at ISO100 and the conclusion is:
- A7rII is for sure better, but the A9 is still completely ok for (my non professional) needs of landscape photography. IMHO the difference between the 2 cameras one wouldn`t see even at A2 print size.
- the sharpening what I can apply in LR without amplifying the shadow noise is quite limited in comparison with the A7rII, but still enough to produce good Q images.

Sony stated, that the sensor is optimized for speed, but I think they made a good compromise and the camera can be used as an all-arounder without a problem.

ps.: the camera can track my chaotically running kids in all directions and EVERYWHERE in the frame without an issue at 10/15 fps. Just show me an other camera which can do it. :)

I want to jump in here.
People want to buy the best camera that they can afford, regardless of if theyre pro or not. The fact that theyre even on this website means theyre probably already better than the 'flick to auto' crowd.
It's *not* fair to say "you can buy whatever your wallet affords, but have your skills earned it too? "
Because that suggests you have to somehow earn the right to have an expensive camera. It *also* insinuates that being professional actually means youre good - this is a common issue I see. Professionals are often actually pretty bad/mediocre, theyre just consistently 'not awful', and some amateurs dont do it professionally because they are hobbiest - but still excellent photogs.

So, sure, maybe if you literally dont know how to use the camera or understand what fstop/iso is, then fine, you probably shouldnt start at 4.5k. But then, tell me -that if you *do* know these things, and *do* have the $, why cant you buy a Sony A9?

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Full Stop: What is going on here???
Is this really a 24 MPix sensor?
Low-ISO RAWs have much lower resolution than all 24MPix cams, including APS-C.
Compare to D750, A7II , 80D, D7200.
Even the SONY a6000 (!) has higher resolution.
Look at the banknote or the horizontal lines near "30".
Where are all the fine lines in the engraved b/w picture?
And no, there cannot be a strong AA filter, because there is
a lot of moire.
The A9 is much closer to 20-21 MPix cams like D5, D500, 5D MkII or 6D.
Is the sensor a "brother" of the D5-sensor scaled up to 24 MPix?
Or is it strong NR on RAWs with a digital low-pass filter (for a good DxO result)?

'No one is getting that for landscape/studio.' although actually, its a great all rounder. If you wanted to shoot in a studio or dabble in landscape work, then you'd be fine. 24MP is more than some older DSLRs had for 'professional landscape work' and the newer sensor is sharp as anything else when actually viewed in real life.

Stop pixel peeping and start taking the photos you wanna take. This camera is good, and has good image quality - period. (I dont work for Sony either XD)

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Shiranai: When your brandnew Sony a9 is hardly better than a 4 year old Canon 6D and just looses hands down against Nikon 750D in DR. And those are fullframe entry models.

Uhhhh except it doesnt lose hands down.... at all?,Nikon%20D750(DX),Sony%20ILCE-9

The Nikon beats it up to like iso 160 or something....

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