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SridharC: Olympus constantly develops world class medical imaging devices - some of the spin offs of that technology ends up in consumer photography. They can afford do it. And why not? I love to see the limits of 4/3 cameras. Many of us agree the IQ on OMD Mark II is better than Sony A7III. So I am eagerly waiting for this camera.

My Samsung S9 is the best

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On article Shooting with Nikon's new 500mm F5.6E PF in Kamchatka (271 comments in total)
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PLShutterbug: I noticed the other day, and just now too, that your price for this lens (just above the comments) actually shows the 50mm F1.8 lens and price. Might want to fix that, unless you are subsidizing the 500 at the 50 price.

I could endure a deal like that

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stevo23: NEWSFLASH - Nikon has announced the development of a new camera that will be free from oil on the sensor due to a moving mirror and TTL focus calibration issues. Yeehaa!!!!

Is that supposed to be funny or just strange?
It was pretty lame anyway, Sony troll

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Auricom 007: I am hoping Nikon will roll out their Expeed 6 engine with improved color sciences. Include IBIS and doesn't overheat like some other brands out there.

Include Software updates also Nikon, go ahead add 8gigs of extra ram in those bodies Nikon

Sony barbeque doesn't overheat, yeah right, aptly chosen name

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Nomoreheroes: Where is the firmware for my GX7?

That is the problem, GX7 has "IBIS" as GX8 also have and these lenses has IS = where is the firmware for GX7

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Dwill23 why don't you take a hike to Canon land

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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1198 comments in total)

Battery life 350 pics , that could have been higher
but it's still better than the GX1's 310 and thats
without the LVF-2 viewfinder

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chris_j_l: I won't be waiting to get this at a lower price. The silent shutter is enough to clinch the deal. Drama & Theatre work requires a silent camera and carrying a blimp that just makes my 5D quiet rather than silent is just a PITA. The ISO limitation is a non-issue.
I look forward to finding the first place in the UK that will sell me one.

PatMann, you have the AF-S 35G 1.8 which is stellar for a stupid money
There are a lot of other Dx lenses to chose from (the latest Sigmas etc), and the D400 is coming...
The reason I chose the GX1 was that it was faster and had better picture quality than the Canon G11 I had and it was smaller than my Nikon D200 and D800
This Gx7 looks like a killer of all the big sensor compacts and I will buy when the price goes down

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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1198 comments in total)
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Vitruvius: Finally a good complete package with all the features I would like in one compact camera, but the real feature that will open my wallet is the image quality of the new sensor. Look forward to the studio shots and DXO results.


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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1198 comments in total)
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Panasonicus: As feared, I just checked the UK price and it is £999 ($1,520.00) compared with $999 in the US. Looks like I will have to continue to shop in the good 'ol USA where rip-offs seem to be less brazen in their audacious lightening of wallets (pocket-books).

In Sweden we have 25 % VAT and we are proud of it !
( www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1a1wHxTyo )

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solarider: Re: "Vertical resolution is reduced by half and there's more moiré and aliasing in over and underexposed areas. The author also warns that since this software modifies the sensor's operation, you could end up frying your camera."


Simple, for 14.1 stops get ye the Pentax K5, K5II, of K5IIs, pull all you want from the shadows and forget about all of the ML downsides.

Best Wishes

Or for a real kamera Nikon D800 14.3 Evs

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MikeNeufeld30: Pricing? Or did I miss it.

Good job Fuji, compare this with specs and price of Leica X Vario

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)
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Gully Foyle: If I'm allowed a guess, I would agree with others that this is a system camera. A fixed 3.5-6.4 (!) seems so un-Leica to me. 11th of June is not that far away!

Or Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 APS-C

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Oh, my password is incorrect I can't take any pictures but Nikon will give me a new one within three weeks

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On article DxOMark examines lenses for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (60 comments in total)
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jm67: DXO never fails to incite heated retorts. It's so funny when they give a Canon product poor scores and the Canon users call the methodology flawed. Now it's time for the combo of a Canon camera/lens system to get good scores (something those of us using the 5D3 and certain lenses have known from actual usage) and it's time for the Nikon fans to yell foul. Oy vey.

The top scores with the 5DIII are achived with tele lensen for 6600 USD a pop.

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MichelBB: What about the 80 percent of the world camera users who do not use ounces and inches ?

I don't envy an US or UK engineer that have to convert units when calculating.
This could explain some products I have seen...

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mrmart: Why so cheap in USA? So it's $799.99 or £799. With todays exchange rate $799.99 = £529,28. Or to look at it another way £799 = $1207. So either USA are getting it cheap or UK are being ripped-off. Even our 20% tax doesn't account for that much difference.

In Sweden we have 25% VAT
(This sounds like the Monty Python scetch were they brag about their lousy childhood)

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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ScottRH: The D600 and D800/e should be recalled.

Not my D800, it has no issues
Why should I send it back?

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On article Canon issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel T4i (176 comments in total)
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Zerblatt: I¨m allergic to all Canon products...

You don't have a clue
Unctivitis is called Pink eye syndrome and has nothing to do with my joke.

A autoimmune disorder is when the body's one immuno system attack itself.
And with nicobostons remark
"I'm allergic to idiots "
I meant he was allergic to himself,
I hate to have to explain a joke...

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On article Canon issues allergy warning for EOS 650D/Rebel T4i (176 comments in total)
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Zerblatt: I¨m allergic to all Canon products...

"I'm allergic to idiots."
So you have some auto immune disorder

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