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viking79: Now that is a good looking phone! I will take the Edge please. :)

@Lars Rehm
That's true. There is also camera api v2 compatibility check app in the Play Store and someone managed to run it on the S6. It supports the whole camera api v2 including manual shutter speed and raw output.

For some reason Samsung just hasn't included those features in their own camera app yet. Maybe they'll do that later because it would just make sense in the "pro" mode, but until then it should work with other apps like manual camera or camera fv-5.

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Sounds to me like a lot of marketing speak. I wouldn't be surprised if they could have also brought this to existing ones like the R3000. Better blacks through new inks and Wifi Functionality through a software/firmware update.

Really high quality prints are not cheap, but for most people they're still cheaper than printers, cartridges and high quality paper these days. As long as someone doesn't have to hand over a print to his client at the same day I wouldn't really invest into it.

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"Memory card slot on bottom panel is blocked with use of tripod plate"

This con isn't completely true because it depends on the plate being used. I'm using a small arca swiss compatible plate and can still open the battery door without a problem.

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Too bad that the comments are limited to 1000 character so I can't really explain it in detail, but a few points are not 100% true.

- you can auto-download photos to your mobile device with the transcend (shuttersnitch supports it)

- you can auto-download / upload files from the transcend with your pc/mac/linux machine (a simple line of wget does it - the transcend is much easier to access than the eye-fi)

- in my evironment the eye-fi lost its connection pretty often and sometimes didn't want to reconnect

- the transcend can be setup just from a phone, was more tricky and complex with the eye-fi the first time

- for some reason the wifi speed of the transcend seems to be faster with android devices than iOS. Not sure why.

- the write speed of both is much slower than a cheap 45MB/s sandisk. Don't use it for sports, fast series or as a daily driver

I would recommend everyone to try both cards and keep the one which works best for _you_ and in _your_ wifi environment.

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tje1964: I wish I understood why people whine so much about Flickr. Flickr shows EXIF data too, and it's very easy to communicate with other photographers. I do it every day. I like G+ very much, and I wish more people used it. But I don't think it's some kind of Flickr killer.

While I also don't like the word "killer" I think that many premium flickr members went over to G+. I still use Flickr a little bit aswell but they haven't change enough in the past.
Flickr group discussions are an outdated concept and make it hard to communicate since people have to dive into the groups before finding any discussions they might be interested in. Communication is on G+ much easier (in my opinion). Also the photo viewing experience. Why can't I see the exif info with one single click and blend them in instead of pushing me to another page? If I open the exif data I always have to go back afterwards. Same with the viewing sizes. There is so much unused space on the website - why I can't change the size with one click & why isn't it showing me the perfect size for the device I'm actually using. Yahoo was sleeping and didn't changed much on flickr since years. I really hope that something will change with Marissa.

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BobT3218: That surprises me. I left Google for Firefox. Unlike most other browsers, Google refuses to implement colour management resulting in colours that look wrong. Have they fixed it in Google+ or what?

It sounds like you talk about the Google Chrome Browser and not the Google+ Community what this article is about.
But yes, in the latest version Chrome supports also color profiles.

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