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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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SHood: Now take a look at a RX100 video. There is more to video than sensor size.

would have to see them shooting the same scene although i imagine the rx100 would edge out obviously but have you seen the video compare between the 808 and NEX7?

check out darkx on youtube

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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Magnus3D: If Apple released a device with these technical specs no one would have complained about it, it would have been instantly overhyped and cost just as much as this Nokia phone does, if not more.

it would cost over $1000 considering the price of the iphone unlocked

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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dark goob: That's because Apple's products are based on more than just technical specs. They have earned their "hype" by, you know, INNOVATING while companies like Nokia were pumping out plasticky crud phones. Anyone remember what phones were like before iPhone? Or does your traumatic memory block it out?

Not to downplay the interesting features of this device. I'm impressed with Nokia's innovative design for the camera. Maybe they should make cameras. I would buy this if it didn't have a craptastic phone OS cobbled onto it.

what did apple innovate exactly??? except use what was available... and buy what was cool to install on their os... or steal from other os' (like nokia) ..... hmm.... innovative eh...

yeah i remember phones before the iphone... they still have more features than the iphone4s... i remember pocketPCs and iPaqs remember those? hmm apple innovative... hmmm right

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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3DSimmon: It's a great package, outstanding camera, video, phone, sound, and free maps for navigation. I only wish it was shaped like the Lumias though...and not soo expensive.

@3DSimmon you know I didn't like the design much either initially but it grew on me and considering the sensor the design makes sense

after getting the 808 in my hand WOW!!!! it looks fantastic!! far better than pics/videos

@menneisyys I actually had an order at the promo price on .de but after a month it still didnt ship -_- so i switched to

stock is non-existent especially for the Red unit :/

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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Suave: Wait, it runs on Symbian? Nokia still tries to push it?

@petrogel how about posting after having some experience with the camera or at the very least after reading some of the millions of positive reviews on it

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(unknown member): Guys you are really funny . For 600+ euros you can buy a REAL camera, AND NOT THIS TOY CAMERA, i'm not talking about the phone (there is nothing to say) (once you go Symbian you never want to even hear anything about it ) !!!!!

i bought it for 500 euros+

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bought a 320 as a gift and they love it very very compact and easy learning curve for a newb
touchscreen is Okay

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Simon97: I would like to see this "pixel oversampling" technology in an actual point & shoot camera using a real zoom lens. Gone would be the days of the "Bayer softness" when viewing images zoomed in (or close cropped). No need for sharpening and the ugly halos it can produce. Noise reduction, while still necessary at higher ISOs may not be as intrusive since pixel binning would reduce the noise.

Today's P&S cameras make truly awful images, especially the 14 and 16MP ones. The larger sensor compacts, like the 1/1.7 sensored ones are better, but not quite there for me.

Kind of funny seeing this appear in a phone first. Camera makers are asleep at the wheel.

well the first camera to have "oversampling" is the phase one 65+ it does 2x2 pixels the 808 does 7pixels? ish (depending on the resolution)

and Sonys NEX cameras are going to have it next year or something liek that

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Ben O Connor: So its sensor is bigger than my Oly XZ-1 !!! and costing more 200 euros. It carries a media player and all the ingridient you can share without any cable. !!!

I wonder does it really taking good fotos....really ?

check out the flikr group of people who already have the 808 (might want to check out the earlier photos)

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vv50: 1. does the 808 have a low-pass filter?
2. does the 808 have shutter priority mode?

The 808 has a fixed aperture to my understanding that negates the ability of a shutter priority mode? there are scene modes, and you can influence the shutter speed through the iso settings (50-1600) and turning the ND filter on/off (up to 2.7sec shutter speed)

as for lowpass filtering im not certain but i read a comment from "Timo Lehtinen" saying that Nokia didn't include lowpass filtering because they wanted a "natural sharpening" ??

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chadley_chad: Hey, why not go the whole hog and sell all your DSLR equip and L class lenses and buy the 808!

I HATE the convergence between camera's and phones!

the only thing the s95/100 has going for it is RAW mode :)

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forpetessake: Yet another hype oriented product. Will people pay that much money for it? As P.T.Barnum put it: "There's a sucker born every minute"

I pre-ordered the 808 for $500 Canadian (sans shipping/taxes) it takes pictures than any compact except maybe the RX100 (we'll see i suppose) and i get a smartphone out of it

and if you looked at the reviews across the internet you'll realize its far from hype

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teeoh717: It definitely is intriguing, but my original three-year-old Moto Droid (that I still haven't gotten the opportunity of ditching just yet) has a higher 854x480 resolution display (@ 265ppi), even at an inch smaller...

180ppi (320x640) on a phone with a 41 megapixel camera?? What exactly was Nokia thinking? Utter deal breaker in my opinion.

There's a reason most new DSLR screens carry 270+ ppi density. Going "back" to anything lower is a noticeable step backwards. What a shame.

its a true RGB (not pentile) CBD (clearblack like super) AMOLED display though

pixel density may not be great but its better/as good compared to Compact cameras

and the Clearblack display allows for viewing under direct sunlight so you can still make use of the viewfinder

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happypoppeye: Whats a 1/1.2 sensor that big or small, I have no idea...

actually folks the average sensor size for smartphones (and the iphone at that) is 1/3.2" because those phones want to remain super thin

the sensor in the 808 is larger than the Canon S100 and smaller than the Sony RX100 by a tad

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Ryan_Valiente: If only this runs on will be a success.

As much as how Symbian/Nokia fans out there says how Symbian is better now, I'm still not going back to a dying ecosystem. Nokia can't even purely commit to WP7.

- -
High ISO shots looks like a painting. lol

@thegun hows it a midrange os when it can do more than the other os' ???

unless you rate an OS' range by how many fart apps it has...

@OP Android & its hardware can't handle the 41mpx sensor (its a fact only 20mpx max) so that wouldn't work; and the only Android manufacturer having any success is Samsung the rest are heavily struggling to get by and even Samsung is facing stiff legal battles with Apple

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thgun: Yes me again. I'm sorry to say this to you all but Nokia are dying a slow and painfull death. If they had chose android maybe not. Microsoft can't do hardware only software. Nokia will always be remembered for it's good times. 8-)

the only android company doing well is samsung if nokia went android they'd just be scrounging around with the rest of them

nokia really should have pushed its Maemo OS more as its better than Android but there was sooo much in fighting and confusion that they did themselves in the MSFT deal may still save the day if Windows Phone 8 pans out but that's still quite a whiles away

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Can't wait to read your review on this unit so far the 808 Flickr Group has churned out some stunning images and the GSMArena reviews have been impressive would love to hear what you guys have to say about it

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Boomz: Okay so everyone is looking at its camera feature, but it is primarily a phone, and unfortunately, Nokia's dying Symbian Belle OS will be blamed. You really won't want a Symbian OS phone once you've gone iOS or Android.

Last year, Nokia even announced that they were slowly killing the Symbian OS in favor for Windows 7's replacement.

"The price and features of the new phones combined with Symbian Belle will not turn things around for the platform, but will help slow down the loss of market share. Symbian's market share was 22.1 percent during the second quarter, compared to 40.9 percent during the same three months last year." - according to Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

But I guess some people do buy a car because it has a great home entertainment system in the back seat, hehe!

@Boomz certainly Symbian is shrinking, especially in 2011 when Elop came over with WinPhone7 & there wasn't any high end devices released for the OS the last being back in 2010 with the N8/E7 but Symbian still maintained dominance in most of Asia and Europe as the #1 OS (look at the latest ComScore report)

What really brought its percentages down is the surge in smartphone sales in North America where Symbian has always been remiss.

The OS is solid and has more features that were available a decade ago that are only being introduced recently to iOS and Android and some features that are still unavailable on these latter OS' are enjoyed by Symbian fans

@Lensbeginner again you're showing your lack of knowledge.... Symbian was the only OS that allowed full control and even now in Symbian Belle there are Custom Firmwares and customizability

Not to mention Nokias Maemo OS which Android copied quite a bit from (they're both linux although Maemo is truer to the linux kernel)

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vlad0: Another video explaining how/why they went down this road

ah you beat me to it haha :D

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Andrew Butterfield: If you're going to use a 1/2" sensor, why not just make it a high quality 10MP one, then you wouldn't have all the pixel binning nonsense? The photos look pretty noisy to me so where's the advantage?

the Nikon 1 sensor is actually a lot bigger... they're close but just look @ the extra space it has and I HOPE the Nikon 1 cameras look better since they cost double the price of the 808 (which is also a phone)

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