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wow look at all the detail the 808 picks up in the pencil drawing and the sponge and the plants etc etc

Gotta give thanks to DPReview for bringing out the 808 again, thanks!

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I hope its an adequately sized sensor...i'd like a nice camera to move on from my symbian pureview

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robbo d: I've seen head to head samples between 808 and 1020 on another site. The 1020 overall is the better shooter, giving better tones and Low light performance. Perhaps in kind lighting, the 808 has better IQ, but overall, technology has caught up. Still going to oust any other cam phone and hopefully Nokia Aust, will bring it in, then my plan expiry in Nov will be complete.
Simply, it's an advancement on any previous phone, it's getting closer and closer to being the same as a top compact, so for having tethered to your phone, it's a half decent shooter.
Nice review.

mistyfog and petrogel do nothing but diss nokia and the 808 this has gone on for years yet they have the gall to put down those speaking in favour of the 808 for having too much time,ego,pride In devices they actually own and use?... time to roll that wheelchair outside and enjoy the sun while its still summer you two

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Dominick101: The writer kept praising its large sensor and kept re-emphasizing how downsampling helped in improving quality but made no mention of the comparative results against its predecessor which did better in all these aspects. Funny thing is that the 808 is being shown on the first page and the ending word kinda' implies that the 1020 is a better camera than the 808 without even a single comparative shot -- they are clearly trying to downplay the 808 without even a single proof that the 1020 can do better. Without a doubt, this article is biased and DP has lost its credibility as of late.

@hobbit13 the 808 is a better smartphone though... it has more features and can do things better than the 1020 can heck it can compete with other devices too the only thing it lacks is support and apps since the os has been abandoned

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The 808 pureview is much why hasn't dpreview reviewed this device yet? Neither has gsmarena makes me think that Nokia is purposely keeping it out of your hands

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slorimer: All the pictures and all the links give only images of women. Does this technology work with men too?


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Tan68: I have trouble figuring out how the shoes work.

they dont this picture is after the fall, she's taking it like a champ

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halc: Sample images look good for a smartphone:

Yet :
- highlights are overexposed 2/3 stops or so
- plenty of noise even at ISO 100

The Nokia Camera Pro features are cool.

Shame about the Windows Phone OS, though.

@Ptox OS is really subjective matter imo Symbian>All and in yours WP>All and in Halc something else>all

@vv50 there's cloud storage in symb

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qianp2k: When DXOMark will test this 41mp cellphone camera or older 41mp 808 cellphone camera? I want to see their P-MPix, guess no more than 5 mpix :-)

dxomark did test the 808 pureview

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Photato: You'll need a tripod to get 41mp worth of resolution, good light and when subject is still. Or when seeing resolution charts in review sites.
In the real world however, when handheld, 41mp is a blurry mess.
Bigger pixels is the way to go. Just like DSLRs

Im no photographer at least i dont feel like one (not skilled as one and no camera), i simply love taking pics with my phone here are some 38mpx HDR shots i've done with my 808 handheld granted no examples of moving objects but if you check out the 808 groups on Flickr you'll find many full resolution action shots

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The iPhone 5 cam sensor (left) is about 20% smaller :( I loved the quality of 4s pictures, and I have an iPh5 on order. So disappointed. I may cancel and get a Galaxy or something.

well symbian belle fp2 can still do more things the iphone can... so it is more advanced...

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Geir Ove: I do not understand this "over-focus" on what OS any device is running: If the device (PC. phone, whatever) does its job and runs the apps you need, who cares?

I am a programmer and develop farily advanced systems: The OS is NOT important, but the applications I can run on it is: They make up the system!

A tip on the 808 Blown Highlights: Manually turn on the ND filter in bright sunlight! It should turn om Automatically in Auto mode, but for 3-8 MPix res it does not seem to do this from tests I did yesterday. However, it does seem to work in full res 38 MPix mode. I will do more tests to try to verify this.

@Lensbringer you realize Symbian Belle has a fully functioning Microsoft Office Suite right? (free)
a butt load of dictionaries free... 808 etc plays music better than other phones due to its Dolby feature and its immensely loud loudspeaker

etc etc etc

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