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odpisan: If you want to see realy the bests of bests photos of Croatia you must check photos of Vasja Pinzovski ... I never saw beter photos






Take HDR and other overdone PS and it’s good but not best …just saying !

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The Name is Bond: With the technology of lens design and materials having moved a generation forward, it does seem like a new, modern lens might actually go so far as to do justice to the sensor and the price.

Sharp wide-open with good bokeh and excellent resolution is a modern lens.

guess you’re on the wrong channel?

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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (333 comments in total)
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Robemo: Because of the rave reviews and out of curiosity I went to my former colleagues at the studio (I've retired recently) to take a look at this lens and put it on my camera for a minute.
Boy, now I know what Roger Cicala meant in his blog where this lens was taken apart. Just the way it feels and handles is impressive. And so are the images it produces.
So how do I tell my wife that I really 'need' this lens? Any suggestions"?

Wish for more comments (Questions) like this...makes the time "wasted" more enjoyable !

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On article Woof! Sony a6500 sample images are here (364 comments in total)
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OliverGlass: I'm a Fuji user and love my X-T1 to bits but I still read SOny articles. I've been impressed for quite sometime now with Sony since they came out with the A6000 and A7 Full Frame series.

I think most enthusiast shooters who want to jump into this system, can tolerate the jpeg color profile and middling sharpness out of the box because these are things you can tweak in post. What has kept some from buying into the system is the menu and control layout ---- can't believe I have to dig into more sub-menus.
Can we please have a "peer menu" option via firmware where any Sony body can copy a Fuji or Panasonic menu organization just to simplify things? Imagine that.

Perhaps you care to read your past comments again to verify exactly what it is you (dis)like about your 7rII ?

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needarealname: In Yellowstone National Park, all international visitors should be required to be part of a tour group. All east coast and west coast visitors should be considered as international visitors.

Offer the filmmakers a choice between jail time or being fed to the wolves or donating their labor and resources into rebuilding the Tower Fall trail to the bottom of the water fall. I really miss that trail.

That is why there is courts ,laws,lawyers ,judges and jurors...and they'll sort it out for us.

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Fail too see the logic behind the chosen material with the exception of the Redman image. Perhaps the jury ran out of descent material and resorted back to ene..mene..mini..mo ?

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rdupre: Warning: a friend and me, we where in Cambodia en I have a xE2, my friend has a XT1. One day it was like 40 degrees Celsius and both cameras did not function anymore.
Back in Holland we thought that a reset will solve that problem, but no.
My camera has to be fixt and that cost 488,36 Euro.
The reparation of the XT1 from my friend is about the same price.
Fantastic cameras, but not for hot climates.
So, I have to sell all my gear, my lenses and go back to Nikon.
Maybe it is a good thing when DPR will make notice of this shortcoming.

I used my xt1 in Japan (Kyushu) in october .Temps were average but humidity was high . Towards the end of the trip I had to restart the camera repeatedly because it would stop in mid process. Gave it to my rep and he sent it in (they replaced the main board on warranty). Been watching YT clip where the guy says that if you use aftermarket batteries it will stop when tasked. I use aftermarket batteries but mostly shoot single. Could someone elaborate and explain?

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barrym1966: APsc camera's are for non professionals and non professionals don't want to manual focus. Samyang fail

That is like saying if you can't relieve yourself in a linear way you don't need the genitalia either...

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Emadn13: one of the worst focals,come on samyang give us your magic the 85mm

Tom Schum...i have the 85mm F1.4 for Fuji X. It's excellent!
I believe that would be F 1.2 no?

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utomo99: wait, X-T2 can record video in clips up to 10min duration. Only 10 minutes ? come on Fuji

I thought it was 30minutes?

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Nikonandmore: My honest 2 cents? The X-Pro2 was just released & already looks like a dated camera. I find this all a bit too ridiculous. There are too many cameras on the market already & too more many being released too fast that are all too similar to each other. Looks like everyone just makes the same camera again & again & again with minimum invovation. The amount of cameras that are all basically the same among different brands & even models of the same brand, is astonishing. And no one knows how to name cameras anymore other than calling everything "something X". This industry becomes a mix of boredom, endless higher cost & minimal true advancements. There are more new cameras being released faster than fresh milk bottles at the supermarket. Im surprised no one is making these disposable yet to accelerate the process even more.. or cameras able to self-destruct itself a few months later so we keep buying more "same" stuff even faster.. of course, they need to be called the "D-iXposable"..

Nikonandmore...Lot of folks in developing countries (Canon Rumor /5D4 Made in Indonesia) need work just like us.That is one of the reasons for "incremental new and improved" camera syndromes.

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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences (366 comments in total)
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PRohmer: I was looking forward to these two, seriously considering to switch from Micro Four Thirds. But I am not convinced at all. X-pro2 does not make any sense to me other then design perhaps. I wouldn't call it a flagship either. I need to see more images, but what I've seen so far on Flicker does not encourage, I am yet to see images with natural colors and realistic contrast.

Peiasdf ...I wouldn't call it cheating ,manufacturers make their money based on the fact that the majority of amateurs buying the products are infatuated with as many knobs and dials to "play around" with as possible. Professionals when asked often lean towards essentials and are only interested in the end result.

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On article Fujifilm X70 Review (372 comments in total)
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ThatCamFan: Street shooters delight? I used it at a protest and the focus was to slow, you will miss a lot of moments, and I mean A LOT.


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On photo Low season in Meersburg in the Your City - Lighting in the City challenge (9 comments in total)

In Van Gogh's life this would truly be a starry night...1/6 Sekunde...gut kalkuliert !

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On article Huawei P9 Leica-branded dual-cam made by Sunny Optical (81 comments in total)

It IS fraud!

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Very simple photo image but very sophisticated ART...ah where would we be without it? (Perhaps in a room with a lot of cameras and lenses?)

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2170 comments in total)
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mr.izo: for me, something still stands:
if you want complete system, than i think best way to go is Canon/nikon/oly.. whatever, if you want new hip expenisve camera, get ff sony mirrorless.
i see (aps) morriorless camera as nice addition to the set, travel camera etc, but not as main player (maybe some oly camera), no matter what some people trying to prove. more time goes by, more i'm sure about this..

My 2 cents? Completely agree with Mr.Bedford and would like to add that what keeps (most) Pros from using Mirrorless is the paid event in question . So card ( 2 slots) redundancy ,auto focus reliability and battery capability are factors when high priced gigs are on the line (lest the lawyers incline to drop the 300k lawsuit for example).

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On photo Heavy Loads in the People Expressing Emotion challenge (1 comment in total)

The Best...the rest don't count!

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On article Otus Readings: the Zeiss 85 F1.4 Otus Comparison (224 comments in total)
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photominion: Can someone tell me how it is that people are willing to spend 3'000-4'000 $ for a camera body that is technically obsolete after 2 years and are NOT ever going to be willing to spend 4 grand on a lens that will last them 10 to 20 years without it being qualitatively surpassed by any other in that time span?

Might be the same thing with ppl spending 4 grand on a flat screen Tv and then buying a 200$ "home theater surround system" even though audio components will last 20 years whereas the Tv value drops 50% per year..

One of the reasons could be that owners have bought into dedicated flash systems that can easely cost around 10-15K and there are many other reasons such as feeling physically comfortable with a camera body.
On a different but related issue i would like to mention Mark who lives in Chicago and I follow him on Flickr. He is what I would call a professional amateur who happens to be financially sound and he buys himself the best and the latest when it gets announced.He also has both Oti lenses and I'm jealous. My point here is that Mark incidentally also has a tremendous artistic talent and I am so happy for him to own these wonderful lenses.I look at his images and I enjoy...that's it .

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