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unfortunately, most professional printers only do sRGB and if you post an image on Flickr, or send it to someone else, it will likely be viewed in sRGB too. So what good is it?

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EXkurogane: First they chopped off 4mm at the wide end of the 28-75. Now they chopped off 20mm on the long end. All in the name of weight reduction. 🙄

I myself wouldn't buy any normal range zooms that start from 28mm, I use 24mm a lot.

It's good for me. I'll take it on vacations with me which I wouldn't do with a typical 70-200 2.8. I have the 24 1.4 G M so I can take that as well.

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Thoughts R Us: This is not a pro body for sports photogs at the Olympics or elsewhere...let's not kid ourselves. Look at the pro bodies from Canon and Nikon: they are big, they are heavy and they are built like tanks to hold up under all sorts of abuse. There is a reason why they are that way and pro's have come to expect that level of build quality.

A pro needs reliability above all else because what good is any tech if it's not working?

This is a body for enthusiasts who want pro like features in a consumer body. Nothing wrong with that, but let's stop the mythology that the vast majority of pro sports shooters will want anything to do with this style of body.

Next year at the Olympics expect to see the usual array of Canon and Nikon equipment being used by the pro's.

Thoughts R Us: "Im sorry but yes, properly constructed, bigger and heavier do mean more durable. Which would handle an impact better: a larger heavier vehicle or a smaller, lighter one? If you had to be in an impact, which would you rather trust your life to?"

Having worked in the auto industry for many years, I can categorically state that larger, heavier is not always safer. The large, heavy cars from the 50's were not nearly as safe as a Toyota Corolla is today, for example. There is no evidence that the a9ii won't be as durable as the Canon or Nikon flagships.

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UllerellU: Until you see the performance does not assess whether it is expensive or cheap, but not even have put the designation "G" makes me suspicious .... The performance of 28 f2 seems decent despite not being "G", in the center I know it's going to be very sharp, but sony does not get along with wide lenses and corners at maximum aperture. With Sony is a lottery, let's wait for the gallery.

I have the 24 1.4 GM. That's not too shabby for a wide.

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AlbertDros: I was with Sony in Sicily last Tuesday and got to try the lens out for some time. It's really amazing how they made it so light weight. It's a great little package to carry around. I posted my impressions on the forums:

Can you say anything about how the lens handles flare? A few of the videos I saw seemed to show a lot of flaring.

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Jan Chelminski: Well, well. Congratulations to Nikon, this does look promising.

Earlier, I had ridiculed a recently introduced Sony A7 mount, and with it, DPR's breathless endorsement (but in fairness, not only DPR!) of it, noting the (entire) A series mount had poor fundamentals which other brands, rumored to soon be entering their mirrorless mounts, were sure to exploit.

Other than Olympus, Nikon is a brand I can respect, and I hoped they would not repeat Sony's performance limiting design blunder of the sensor to mount relationship, both in flangeback and diameter. My other criticism at the time was on ergonomics, big Sony lenses were quite awkward on the tiny A series frame, a mismatch that further impressed an 'Amatuer/Toy company' impression upon me.

So, how will the new Nikon lenses in this mount compare in size and performance?

With the foundation properly set, the sky is the limit for Nikon. Sony's future finds a sudden, cold shadow cast onto it.

Hmmm... I don't see any problem with the Sony mount. They have a lot of great glass. How exactly has the mount limited performance?

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KCHA: Sony has comes a long way since the introduction of mirrorless. Kudos to Nikon for providing a solid release of competing mirrorless system. More competition in this space will be beneficial to all consumers.

Still sony still leads in :

1. battery life
2. dual memory slots
3. eye focus
4. native lenses offering

if sony have kept playmemories apps on camera that would be another huge advantage to Sony.

As it is Nikon will be playing catchup until the next release of Z6/Z7

I also think the real challenger for Sony is going to be Panasonic, not Nikon or Canon. At least in terms of the quality of the product. Canon will likely be the top seller though.

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Jylppy: The more competition the better. I guess some program team has got some whipping in Japan since they were the last to the party. Sony has good lead on many "computing" aspects of the mirrorless cameras, but I think Canon / Nikon just make better cameras, IMHO. Everyone is free to disagree.

Nomoreheroes, I think the banding issue is unrelated to the star eater problem. I have an a7riii and have never encountered the banding issue, apparently because it occurs under unusual conditions. Jim Kasson discusses this in detail. Sony has fairly good weather sealing but they have a few problems yet for sure. I wouldn't pour water from a garden hose on it. I think the fact that they don't have lossless compressed raws is dumb too. I would also love to see internal focus stacking. The overheating issues seem to be gone with their third generation. So not perfect but they seem to be moving in the right direction.

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nail33: Richard Butler wrote:

"With hindsight we can see that Panasonic and Olympus were heralding the start of the mirrorless era."

I always thought most cameras before SLR's were mirrorless. :)

I just bought one of those new tubeless tv's.

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Mogen2010: How about available light photography being one reason to stick with DSLR, especially FF. Battery life another. Serviceability perhaps, willing to bet my Canon and Nikon primes will work in 20 years too.

I have the a7riii and can get 1000 shots per charge, no problem.

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They will have to pay me to read their magazine.

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Ruy Penalva: Make no sense to have a small camera body and a very big lens. If it were to be so better stay with DSRL body. There is no magic when it comes to lens of long focal length. The hood was not shown but it should be big too.

For proper balance you would need a camera the size of my suitcase. No camera is going to look balanced with a 400.

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miles green: I wonder if Sony will sell sensors to Nikon for them to put in a system directly competing with their own mirrorless.... After all, this is Sony's market.

Sony could pribably stop selling sensors to Nikon without any pain to themselves. Their largest customer is probably Apple.

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On article Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III: Which is best? (1099 comments in total)
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Bmark: The Sony is an intriguing choice and I already own two fixed lens Sony's. But my clear choice is Nikon for two reasons. First, I don't shoot much video so the Sony's video advantages are not important to me. More importantly I think that the evaluation of lenses was not complete. Sony doesn't have much in the extreme telephoto range (I have the Nikon 400 f2.8, 800 f5.6, and 200-500) and their slim offerings in those ranges are very expensive compared to Nikon. If one is a telephoto shooter I don't see how you can go with Sony.

You probably wouldn't but most people aren't using 800mm lenses either.

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barrym1966: out of these two, the mirrorless body if used professionally over a period of time is more likely to cause medical issues with your hands and finger joints... Another thing to consider when reviewing things. Smaller isnt always better

Mirrorless -- bad fingers
DSLR -- bad back

Choose your poison

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tailings: The D850 is nice but very expensive. For that money I'll take a K-1 and a couple Limiteds, every time.

The Sony is a Sony, which is another way of saying 'no'. The a7RIII could make coffee and keep my gutters clear but it would still be a Sony, and that's a non-starter for me. Too many Sony burns to ever touch that brand again.

Our longest lasting hi def tv is a Sony. More than 10 years old and solid as a rock. Our longest lasting bluray player (now deceased) was also a Sony.

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entoman: The eye-AF of the Sony is constantly praised (rightly so) for being incredibly efficient at recognising and tracking human eyes.

But, as a wildlife photographer, what I'd really love is to receive feedback about how good the system is at recognising and tracking animal eyes.

I'm not talking domestic cats here (which have comparatively huge eyes compared to many animals) - I'm talking about e.g. jackals, cheetahs and birds.

With my a6300, the eye af worked on the statue of David.

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MrHollywood: Assuming you're happy with the lens and flash options of both cameras, only ONE thing matters...
I have large hands and the Sony feels terrible, especially when a big lens is on the body. It's a shame because it weighs much less and is easier to carry. The D850 is really comfortable, fits my hand like a glove. The other differences are so small as to get into the "who cares" arena.
Now ask my WIFE which she prefers. She's 5'5 and does not have big hands. The Sony is perfect for her. If I was a smaller fellow with smaller hands I'd probably have ordered the Sony.
We're at a point where ALL of the cameras are fantastic. Pick what feels right and go shoot!


I have small hands (not Trump small) and the Sony feels great.

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shademaster: That's the sexiest product photo of a battery I've ever seen!

The 'current' battery really 'amps' up performance.

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In the Raw: I find all the talk about DSLRs being dinosaurs, together with the divisiveness between Sony mirrorless supporters and D850 admirers kinda weird, and not a little puerile. Each has it's place and will attract enthusiast and working photographers alike. I mean, large format film cameras have been around since the start of photography and I personally know people who still derive enormous pleasure from using them.
There are pros and cons in using a high end DSLR, versus a more compact mirrorless body. I personally prefer a pentaprism view of what I'm shooting, others love the advantages of an EVF. What's to get upset about? If I love the view through the viewfinder of my D850 is that somehow less enjoyable because it's not an EVF? It's a choice, not a war.

In any event, Nikon will be producing a mirrorless body next year, possibly with a new mount and lenses, with an adaptor for F mount glass. So the choice will be there for people who like the Nikon ecosystem. Win all round.

You are right. I''m a Sony fan but not fanboy. I never understood this juvenile desire to dump on another brand. These are just cameras! By all appearances, the Nikon D850 is a really nice camera.

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