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Dario D: Oh boy, lots of great info on camera sensors (at least the parts my non-engineer self can follow, lol).
To add to the social issues list, perhaps, here's a big one I've noticed:
It seems camera companies have a deliberate unwillingness (still) to allow Point-&-Shoot cameras to perform in darker environments (like indoors), which likely contributes to this worldwide problem of people having dirt-poor perception of their self-image.

In other words, I believe the horrible results we get from frontal-flash, or underexposed, poor-looking photos, is a worldwide scourge on human self-perception. People already think they're ugly in GOOD shots, so, imagine what must happen when they see themselves portrayed even worse than reality.

Isn't it affordable for a company to just use a lower-megapixel version of even a 3 year-old D-SLR sensor (better low-light), or, for that matter, add a single screw to the onboard flash, allowing it to pivot upward, and become a beautifying bounce flash?

What about back-illuminated sensors?

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