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The photos show that these lenses do not have a small protrusion to line up the lens with the camera mount. This is also the case with the 28-75. Makes lens changing in the dark more difficult. Yes, you can add a small blob of glue. But why does Tamron not provide a small bit of plastic where the white line is located? Tamron?

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Sony continuing to press home it's sensor advantage. As the world's leading sensor producer it can withhold the most advanced sensor technology from rivals who don't have the resource to develop superior sensors. Panny for example is now ' scaling back ' it's camera division after earlier saying it would resume sensor research. Meanwhile Sony can secure higher margins by emphasising sensor technology and low light performance.

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So is the aperture 2.0 or 2.2? And can anyone explain why focal length is never quoted for phones. They range from 25 (Sony) to 35 ish(Samsung) so why not provide this info either in press releases or reviews

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No flash?

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This looks and reads like sponsored content - which I realize it is. It would be useful to have an independent pros and cons article. The memory and hardware demands are obviously an issue which some will have to consider even if their camera has 4K.

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Several posters assume that Oly and Sony are true competitors. Unless something has changed they are not: Sony is the largest shareholder in Oly and bailed out Oly a couple of years back promising synergies between sensor expertise and lens expertise. Puzzling that Mr Ogawa didn't bring it up. Is Sony perhaps betting on 1" and full frame being the two system survivors. But why not instruct Oly to make lens designs for Sony, its parent company. Or maybe Sony has sold or is going to sell its stake?

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It is surprising that DPR has not highlighted the aging 16 Mb sensor on 4/3 before. It appears to have been used widely on both Pany and Oly products for several years. What is curious is that Sony, the largest shareholder in Olympus, has not offered its partner upgraded sensors to better compete with Pany. When Sony bought the shareholding and provided a cash injection to Olympus it spoke of the synergies between Olympus lenses and Sony sensors - there is the obvious competition between 4/3rds and APSC ILCs but why aren't Olympus redesigning their lenses for Sony cameras? Meanwhile Olympus are investing effort in sensor shift on their 16 Mb sensor to generate 40 Mb images (albeit from a tripod) . And at the same time Sony is selling its 20 Mb 1" sensor from the RX100 III to Pany for the CM1 phone ,and the FZ1000 superzoom, and to Canon for the G7 X. So does Sony have a new generation of sensors ready and waiting? PS. If I'm not mistaken another investor in Olympus is Nikon

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