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scottcraig: Well this is most disturbing. I wonder what will be next.

@landscaper1 they use back-scatter xray machines already, no need to be lie on a platform and be slid through the xray machine.

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your only choice is to require payment in cash and collection if you want to prevent being ripped off; also, take a picture of the person holding the goods.

and if you're buying goods and paying cash and collect, then take a picture of the seller holding the goods.

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Favorable Exponynt: My eye has a curved image sensor. no way I am paying Apple for rights. My eye dates from 1969.

they'll have to sue my mother, as she provided the manufacturing facility for my eyes, and contributed half the recipe, my dad provided the other half of the recipe (DNA).

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didn't Sony do this back in 2014?

although that didn't stop Apple claiming they invented it

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jshen808: It's been a ten year revolutionary journey for the smart phones.. it's amazing to me when seeing everyone using their smart phones these days, knowing that eleven years ago, none of this existed.. I remembered the launch day of sales, many of my co-workers bought them.. can't imagine what the next ten years will bring.. ;-)

I'm not sure if you're trying to rewrite history, or merely observing how it was the convergence of phone + camera + pocket computer + communication device that has been significant, whether with an apple brand or not.

there were many phones with great cameras before the iphone, and the first few generations of iphones had notably rubbish cameras.

Link | Posted on Jul 9, 2017 at 20:31 UTC

it's meant 9 years of turgid arguments over what the best phone is, and then the best tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

they're just electronics, not religious artifacts.

use them, enjoy them, but stop beating each other up over the choice of phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

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panpen: I love my iPhone and Apple's eco-system. But then again, I can afford an expensive smart phone.

I could, personally, afford to buy a brand new iPhone every month if I really wanted to, but I don't have an iPhone.

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Khawaja1: It really mean a lot to me, iPhone is one of the best smartphone ever made by Apple. The iOS operating system and touch system plus security systems are all outstanding. I all the time recommend iPhone to my friends. If you want to know more about how iPhone is so important product you might visit: https://www.quora.com/Apple-iPhone-turns-10-years-old-what-has-it-meant-to-you

um, Apple have only ever made one type of smartphone, the iPhone.

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EskeRahn: I think the best thing to do about stuff like this would be to implement a system where all aircrafts had a small transmitter, and then require all drones to be equipped with a system that forced them to ground if they ever got within say 200m. And also have all landing sites treated as surrounded by a virtual wall.

Similarly it would be great if all emergency vehicles got at sender, keeping the drones away. The same signals could be used by phones&phablets to issue a warning sound during phone calls, and mute any audio play (car radios too), to get people paying attention. A modern car is often so sound insulated that you only hear the siren when it is really close, especially if music is playing.

I'm pretty sure there are smartphone apps which overlay no-fly zones on a map of your local area. People need to start using those.

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tom graham: a photographer who worries about equipment is an amateur
a photographer who worries about money is a professional
a photographer who worries about light is a photographer


a photographer who only worries about looking cool with expensive gear is not a photographer, just a camera snob.

Link | Posted on Jun 10, 2017 at 12:09 UTC

I remember being on the sidelines of a football (soccer) match and there was another parent with a Nikon D3xxx, and I nailed a shot of my son saving a goal. We were comparing photos after, and she commented maybe she should get a camera like mine.


She simply had the camera on full auto, wasn't even using exposure compensation, let alone program shift.

Few of her pictures were accurately focussed, most had poor exposure (the weather was a mix of bright sunshine interspersed with dark clouds, so exposure was tricky) and she wasn't anticipating the actual timing of the kick, so missing the shot entirely.

All those things could have been overcome with her humble D3xxx, if she had only read and practised a beginners guide to photography!

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Toselli: I understand the spirit, but the execution is a bit unfair. First of all choosing to do portraits in good light, where resolution, low light capabilities, dynamic range and AF speed are not really important. Second choosing a 35mm for portrait? The 60 mm (40mm x 1.5) is a more natural perspective for portrait. What would have been the result making sport picture (maybe even indoors), the professional using a tamron 70-300 4.5-6.3 and the amateur something like a 400/2.8 with a set of multipliers?

I agree. Also, send them out to take photos in poor light, e.g. a city at night, a night club or concert.

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On article Taco night in 4K with with Panasonic GX850 (9 comments in total)

dang, I'm feeling a strong urge to go to the nearest Mexican restaurant!!

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Sergey Borachev: I think these borderless displays are simply dumb. So are the ultra think bodies. Why not just a small border for more protection, and slightly thicker body for more battery life, and a removable SDcard, plus standard earphone plugs for compatibility (in case you lose the wireless phones). I don't need my phone as jewellery. If I have to spend big bugs for a phone, I would rather have the extra money for the special borderless display etc spent on the battery, functionality and real phone features.


because, lets face it, phones of two years ago were good enough.
* the cameras have reached the limits of physics/optics.
* the displays have pixels too small to be seen even when held uncomfortably close.
* they have the same amount of memory and storage as desktop computers of four years ago.
* wifi has caught up with cabled network speeds.
* audio quality is on a par with moderate quality hifi (24 bit DACs, low noise analogue stages etc)
* waterproofing (finally made it over from Sony's range!)
* high speed charging and wireless charging commonplace

there's really nothing new to offer.

Link | Posted on May 13, 2017 at 23:39 UTC

you've really got to be careful when you have a bare behind!

mispelling deliberate.

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On article NASA image of the day captures galactic battle (7 comments in total)
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Majauskasson: Another fake NASA picture. You cannot get that kind of resolution. This is photo-shopped. As in Apollo and Mars - all photos are photo shopped. NASA does not have rovers on the moon. Never been there. Check out Devon, Canada. The sky on Mars should be black not red - 0.04 psi air pressure is near vacuum - red is for show - people believe this nonsense. Like the moon Mars' sky is black. Again, photoshopped. Mars Viking and Curiosity were claimed to have parachuted to the Mars surface. Again, not possible at 0.04 psi atmospheric pressure - parachutes don't work in a near vacuum - simple physics. NASA has been lying to Americans and the world over 50 years and continue to lie. Their billions in funding depends on gullible, scientifically retarded taxpayers to swallow the baloney NASA keeps throwing out. Such as this fake picture aka CGI.

yes, it's true I tell ya!
Likewise, there's never been any rockets, and satellites have never gone to orbit, so GPSs are fake, satellite TV is fake.
In fact, you've been in a coma for years, this is all just a figment of your fevered imagination! Wake up!

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StephanBG: It totally makes sense to put Lumix cameras into consumer products, hopefully this means more exposure in shops and much more marketing. But consumer division should have better deals and contacts to shops and larger marketing budget.

In the UK you can find Lumix cameras on show in the two main retailers who have a presence in most cities. PCWorld and John Lewis. Both have a variety of models, and JL have the GH and also sell lenses.

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On article How would you improve the Panasonic GH5? (16 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: This guy claims that most of these things can easily be done with a firmware update. In most cases I highly doubt that is true.

Auto Focus during Slow motion has never been done with Panasonic cameras so I doubt there is an easy fix there.

Also the focus zoom in feature probably has some limitations that cause it to not be an option during filming. He even mentions some of the reasons why it may not be desirable.

His arguments about wanting audio for slow motion video aren’t really that practical. The audio would be slowed down and not very useful.

If you use the AVC-HD codec then it offers the very low bit rates that he requires for some reason. I am not sure why he couldn’t figure that out on his own.

The ISO display with Auto ISO would be nice. It does it with stills so it should be able to do it with video as well.

His battery grip problems can be mostly solved with the battery grip setting. Not sure why he didn’t explore that setting in more detail.

Did you listen to what he actually said? What he wanted was *initial* focus lock, he accepted that auto-focus during shooting wasn't necessarily possible.

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On article How would you improve the Panasonic GH5? (16 comments in total)
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Tommi K1: I would seriously abandon the "Still" side, make the camera more for the video shooters and focus on that.
The side articulating screen isn't good for video (they don't need vertical position) nor for still shooters, so it is compromise for both.

an articulating screen is useful, vital even, when you want to take pictures of movies when holding the camera over your head (e.g. over the heads of a crowd) or from down low. Also, you can position the screen to avoid reflected glare when shooting outdoors.

why rule out still photography?

a nice feature with these cameras is that you can grab stills whilst shooting video.

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On article Huawei P10 camera review (98 comments in total)
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speculatrix: this is 5.1" and you're calling it a phablet? By current standards, this is a below average size phone!

sorry, I misread it.

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