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AndreyBess: Great news. Now I will buy iPhone 11 which price should go down (?).

@Phillip Forsten
I know. Yet, my 4s, bought in 2012, it OK (yet too slow now due to its the original battery and heavy applications).

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Great news. Now I will buy iPhone 11 which price should go down (?).

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The next step is using any video/photo/data information from the World to upscale (and not only) photos (and video?)
It is possible to find an image of a person and/or medical images and reconstruct needed photo. Or, even, create a new one.
With that, no camera for a point-and-shoot photo of a face is needed - just find near in time information about a person, add algorithms to math the current age and generate am image. Image with photo realism, not a photo.

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ottonis: Does it improve signal? Yes!
Does it enhance and upscale images impeccably? Definitely!

Can it completely and confidently/truthfully reconstruct missing original information? Most probably not!

That's why CSI-like 100x enlargements are still not possible and most probably never will.

Can a real photo be made so that nobody will recognize the model in the real life? - Yes. So, there is no way to get THE exactly image of a subject.

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Brian F Flint: This is worrying. Look at the teeth of the two people. Google is adding detail which never existed in the original low resolution image. It looks good but it is false enhancement according to this example.

At the same time, I can make a photo in a way so that no "missing" information on the photo. So, who knows what is the truth.

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I cannot focus and concentrate on a photo - the changing light breaks my focus. Do not like it at all.

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Make a photo of a "freak" and get a prize.

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Great news.
I use a Google Camera mode on my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and photos are very good to print 10*8 for home.
Even now their HDR+ does great job removing noise from blacks and shadows.

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Good lesson for all camera makers.
It's time to hire some engineers from cell phone makers and apply the modern approaches to cool compact electronic devices with very powerful CPU inside.

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Mike Engles: What is the actual output as Win 10 just wants to output
.9MP 16:9 (1280 720) for pictures and video at 720p 16:9.
I was expecting the full 1080p.

A web-cam at my Lenovo T460 is the same (maybe even better) comparing to my Canon 600D + Canon 15-85. I have to use ISO 3200 on Canon to have the same light as on the web-cam....
Yet, it is cool that I am able now to show my working place via Zoom and Skype. :-)
By the way, OS Win 10 reboot was not needed.

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AndreyBess: Cannot download the utility for my 3Ti...

Referral Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #24.3f1f1602.1600443423.1feb94bb

Got the root cause. I am in Russia and Canon's web-site is not allowed for some reason.
Downloaded the ZIP via Opera (plus its VPN)

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Cannot download the utility for my 3Ti...

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dtibi: Before making comment about that regular flu kills xxx thousand people, the difference is:
- Regular flu mortality rate around 0.1% that means about 1 out of 1000 infections
- Covid 19 mortality rate 2% that means 1 dies out of 50 infections
Also covid19 seems to spread easier that regular flu, that adds to the severity. Without the quarantines the death numbers would be already over a million.

- Regular flu mortality rate around 1% (ONE), not 0.1%.
- Covid 19 - around 3.4%
So, the difference is 3 times.

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Flashback: Some years ago I worked as an R&D engineer for the Decca Radar company here in the UK. We weren't allowed to design in any component that did not have a second source and preferably multi-sourced. This way we kept the factory running 24/7.
Today we are learning the hard way, that our growing reliance on China as a cheap single source, is foolish economy. This should be a wakeup call to us all. . .

They do. Yet, all backups are in China :-)

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mariusz stychno: World of cataclysm and death. This should be called a fatal press photo contest. This is not a real world. There are many interesting things in the world completely different things. Maybe I am stupid but my World is beautiful

You are Ok.
If the photographers leaved in the Ancient Greece, we would not know about its culture at all. We would know about blood, death, illness and mud.

Link | Posted on Feb 27, 2020 at 05:27 UTC

it looks like photo press is looking for bad things only in the World.
What a bad idea as bad guys are doing more and more to be on such photos!

That would be great if at least one positive photo and 1-2 photos with GOOD guys are in such lists...

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On article Best cameras for portraits in 2021 (207 comments in total)

WHY I do need a camera with high resolution for portraits?
Why should I sponsor retouchers or spend more time removing all THE details?

For portrait that would be just great to have the right WB, adequate focus on eyes, good WiFi (to shoot directly into my laptop) and, maybe, good JPG out of my camera. MAYBE, I do need a FF camera. Besides, I do need a good UI on my camera so that I am able to change settings easy and quickly.

I do not need LOT of lenses as I used to use 2-3 only. Even old and quite cheap lenses are OK if I do not provide out of camera JPG to a model. It is because there are two steps: retouching and, in a good scenario, printing. The two extra steps have all tools to either improve a portrait or kill it.

With all the requirements from my side side, almost all the selected cameras are out of my focus! I would consider (from the newest cameras) Sony a7m3, Canon R/RP, Nikon Z6, Canon 90D.

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goodgeorge: Unfortunately i shoot with Nikon. Hope you show some Nikon tricks soon.

Good joke!

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I do prints.
Yet, for me, there would be great if museums and galleries show digital version of photos as they are more near to the original comparing to printed versions...
By the original I mean the object which was shooted.

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RedFox88: People still print?😲

I do print.
Even more, I use printing in two ways:
1) while doing editing - as soon as I think that light and contrast is Ok, I print a photo. A print shows lot of issues very clearly.
2) final prints.
Of course, I do the two steps not for all photos. Yet, step (1) is done much more times as I use it even for photos which are not going to be printed.

P.S. I use much more cheaper printer :-)

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