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A few professionals with relatively quiet drones might go unnoticed, except by the wildlife, unless the horrid things crash and the wildlife ends up chomping on plastic. laced with lithium batteries. They will be followed by me-too clueless amateurs. I spent a couple of hours walking by cliffs Cornwall (UK) with my ears assailed by repeat drone flights and the wail of distressed birds frightened off their nests.

We need to turn things upside down: now in most places you can fly a drone unless its specifically prohibited. Start at the other end, they should be banned except where they are specifically allowed.

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They could be kept in a visitor center for a few days and given a copy of Death in Yellowstone by Lee Whittlesey to read, perhaps only allowed out when they have passed a test to prove they read it all.

Its a fascinating tale of human idiocy, how over the years 300 people have got them selves killed, gone up to pat a Bison on the nose, used an umbrella to get a bear cub down from a tree so they could play with it (mamma bear took their head off with one blow) and jumped into a hot spring to try to save their dog. Boiling alive has killed far more people than the wildlife has.

Maybe the state Governor could award a "Wyoming Medal for outstanding stupidity" at a very public award ceremony.

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