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A whole lot of Niche lenses to be announced, but pretty sure there are photographers who will put these to good use.

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On article Canon introduces Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT (23 comments in total)

Too expensive.

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Impressive beast, I would like to see how that focus stacking works in real life.

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Chaitanya S: NASA definitely has the best collection of astro-photographs. Real shame they(and other scientific institutes) get screwed over budgetary allocations.

you are forgetting Venus and Mercury exploration missions as well. Nasa has certainly achieved a lot with that small budget.

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NASA definitely has the best collection of astro-photographs. Real shame they(and other scientific institutes) get screwed over budgetary allocations.

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S Yu: This isn't particularly fast for an SSD, even an old SATA interface could handle this, this might have been called fast 3 years ago, but it's on Gen.2 USB3.1 and isn't using half its bandwidth.

Internally it is a SATA ssd. M.2 SSDs(NVME) produce a lot of heat while in operation unlike SATA ssds which will run lot cooler which means its easier to design smaller casings.

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walker2000: It might be more a Windows 10 issue than Surface Pro issue.

yes, its a WIn10 issue. I remember my PC running Win95 was more stable and reliable than Win10. A whole bunch of random crashes and as a whole win10 is forced onto consumers.

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PETA/HSUS are worst hypocritic scum on earth.

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On article Advertising vs reality: microSD memory card speed test (71 comments in total)
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Dr_Jon: This is nearly irrelevant as what you actually mostly care about is how fast they are in your camera, which varies wildly with camera. It's nice to have fast read speed for when you put the card in a card reader, but less waiting when shooting photos is usually much more important. For example in-camera speeds:
Or speeds for a single Micro-SD card between cameras:
Nikon D500 148.5MB/s
Sony A6300 35.5MB/s

I much prefer cameramemoryspeed tests as they are the only ones performing tests with cameras along with synthetic tests.

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straylightrun: Ew. Made in China.

Like most of the things we use in day to day life.

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On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (83 comments in total)

Just out of curiosity why would someone adapt 35mm lenses onto to much larger MF camera? It doesnt make sense at all.

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User3787089555: Its Xenon flash, not hernia flash...

Machine translation at its best.

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That is a pro camera even if its 10years old, those pro bodies are certainly made to last.

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On article Ten expert tips for successful macro photography (130 comments in total)
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james s. kennedy: Please explain to me why it's a good idea to have a spider on your finger.


@barney: not all spiders are harmless, saying so is quite negligent. sure they wont kill a healthy adult human but they sure can make you regret the decision. also learning about behaviour of subjects is the best idea.

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vegasdood: I posted this in a local bicycle forum as well....bikes now run in the same prices as expensive cameras and are also targets for this type of fraud.

@Neez: internationally as well bicycles are shipped quite often. Most seem to ship those disassembled.

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On article Macro photography with the Fujifilm GFX 50S (53 comments in total)
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Pixel Pooper: Using the some of worlds biggest insects to make 1:2 on a MF sensor seem like macro.

@Barney: Not just spiders but also camel spiders, whip scorpions, pseudoscorpions, scorpions, mites, ticks, hooded tickspiders, etc... all are arachnids. Many people make mistake them as insects.

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On one hand there is Canon's new 70-300mm USM II lens which maintained the price of original lens while generally improving AF (and IQ) and on the other hand there is this Nikon 70-300mm lens which went for slower Stepping motor and increased the price of lens while doing so.

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M Chambers: How did the frog beat out the rhino?

I dont understand that, considering the photo was taken in captivity and not wild.

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there are companies that offer modified cameras for Astro shooting with insane cooling solution. This DIY approach might work for many who dont have that kind of money to shell out on those expensive astro cameras.

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Kaso: Been using the G1 on D750 with great results. Can't wait to try this G2. Tamron is on a roll. Plus, the new design looks classy.

they just need to change the materials used for hoods, these new hoods scratch way too easily.

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