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Price is a bit on the higher side, for 649$ you can get a Tamron 90mm USD VC lens.

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chriswilliams10: Wow, budget is right. Who is going to buy this stuff? I know I sound snobby, elitist, but come on... Buy a used Canon lens before going this route.. Does the lens have a flash built inside?? Now that might be something...

Canon currently doesnt have any 60mm FF Macro(for shooting upto 1x mag ratio) lens right now in their lineup, if you are shooting on Canon FF your best bet is getting used EF 50mm Compact macro or Sigma 50mm or Sigma 70mm Macro. Also there is upcoming Sigma 70mm Art Macro lens.

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shmn: I suddenly feel very small.

We do live on small Pale Blue Dot.

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970 Evo is not a great update especially their smaller capacity SKU(check storagereview's and pcper review posted today). 970 Pro on the other hand is a good update athough a lot more expensive than Evo.

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dabhand: One of the purported benefits of transitioning to Adobe's rental model was the immediate access to all the latest developments - perhaps the only real benefit was to Adobe's bottom line.

It was always going to be adding more to Adobe's bottomline while their developers slack off due to lack of competition.

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Should be nice for people who are into DIY rather than for "normal" users as its too much work.

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I would much rather get Maxpedition's shoulder bag as it is more discrete and more rugged to handle elements.

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Lars V: RAID 5? I thought we had moved on.

Why would people move on from RAID-5?

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Price is ridiculous for features.

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BeaverTerror: Who in their right mind would use a laptop as their primary editing machine? College students who live out of a suitcase?

I have seen youtubers and other press outlets using large 17" laptops to edit footage while covering trade shows.

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Chaitanya S: Looks far more rugged than previous model. Interested to see some reviews also if the SSD is user upgradable.

@Tim: thanks for info, good to know that SSD is indeed user replaceable. One of the biggest problem for me living in India is dealing with customs dept. in case I have to send it back for repairs. The process to get customs exemption for sending items for repairs is quite tedious and in such cases having user replaceable parts is an added bonus.

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Peiasdf: Why is this preferred over a Surface Pro 4 or similar ultrabook that can also edit and sort photos?

Size and weight is much lower compared to any tablet/laptop hybrid. Also charger is same as any cell phone charger which makes it easier to pack light.

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Chaitanya S: Looks far more rugged than previous model. Interested to see some reviews also if the SSD is user upgradable.

Thanks for the update, there are a lot of small form factor SSDs available for users to purchase. Many of current SSDs(Samsung T5, WD, etc) use mSATA or M.2(SATA) in order to make their external SSDs and in case of failure(outside warranty period) its relatively easy to replace the SSD used in those drives hence was curious if this Gnarbox also has similar design consideration.

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odpisan: Something is very, very wrong with USA. Police is shooting unarmed people, kids are shootning kids in schools, 20 (!!) army veterans make suicide every day, almost 70.000 people die because of overdosis yearly (increasing), in USA there are 50 % serialkillers of all serial killers on Planet Earth ... even God himself can not help USA.

If you do not believe me that USA is in very deep sh*t .. ask uncle Google.

Worst part of americans is that they let their kids die just so they can keep their guns. There is no difference between US and some Mid-East Asian country, infact you might be much safer in Iran or some other countries in Mid-East.

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Looks far more rugged than previous model. Interested to see some reviews also if the SSD is user upgradable.

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chrisno: completely got rekt by DJI, Mi etc
RIP Gopro

Mainly by DJI more than MI.

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samhain: I can't lie, that's one good looking camera!

Now if only it had a 35mm lens...

Lens that is coupled with that Special edition is a 35mm f2 Summicron.

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vFunct: Enerloops are designed to last long time without losing charge. That's their selling point.

With that higher capacity you loose the recharge cycles that non-Pro can do. Eneloop pro has rated recharge cycle of 500 while non-Pro are rated for 2000 cycles.

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beavertown: Still no APS-C primes in 2018 from Sig-Ron?

There are handful of primes from Sigma for Aps-C format. 1 for Slrs and 3 for Sony E mount.

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Krich13: For this kind of a working distance the macro lens should have incorporated a built-in illumination system (a ring light or an array of LEDs around the front lens element).

4cms is the working distance for MP-E 65mm at 5x mag ratio. So yeah there should have been a mount for some lighting accessory. Diy mounting seems to be the best option as it stands right now.

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2018 at 17:25 UTC
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