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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)

People talk about how much fun it is to shoot with Leicas.

It MUST be fun, because the experience of shooting seems to blind people to the mediocrity of the results. There are of course masters who shoot with Leicas or other rangefinders, but the average quality of the rangefinder enthusiast seems to be far below that of the average (D)SLR enthusiast.

But it's just so much fun that they don't actually care what the photos look like. Many of the photos provided here prove my point. I'm looking at you, blue truck.

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JohnHoppy: The acrimony that goes down in these columns beggars belief! Some respondents are in for the kill on Olympus like Cassius and Brutus on the Ides of March! Why? How has Olympus hurt YOU? If Olympus, one of the prime innovators, folds or is subsumed into another company and their technical expertise diluted, it would be a great pity. An industry needs competition to drive forward innovation, which then benefits us, the consumers. Yes, the crooks have been caught with fingers in the till, and one hopes will be punished, but they are a handful and many good people remain to design, engineer and manufacture products a lot of us want. What some idiots here fail to understand is that if all the competition disappears and you are left with, shall we say, just Canon and Nikon, development will stagnate and prices will remain higher. Is that what you want? Be positive, for heavens sake, and stop baying for Olympus’ blood, let’s hope Olympus recovers for the good of all photographers.

They weren't crooks with their hands in the till.

What differentiates this white collar crime from US white collar crime is that these executives took personal risk to do what they thought was best for the company (even though they were wrong). They were not doing it to enrich themselves.

They did not benefit personally. At all. (As opposed to the US, where white collar criminals steal from the company to enrich themselves.)

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (210 comments in total)
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David0X: Gosh - sometimes there is useful stuff posted in these comments, so I keep reading them. Then every now and then something like this happens. I continue to be surprised by the deluge of ill informed and lazy comments by fools.

Taking a little time to research will show:

1: the guys are both professionals. Their websites contain a lot of stuff that shows that if you care to look. They are both working pros who know what they're doing.

2: If you read Christian's blog you will see that these are just a couple of quick images posted from day 1 of a four day shoot. This is not a review, it's just some shared photos by a guy who got a camera early and is looking forward to sharing some images as he discovers a bit about the camera.

There are many sensible and useful comments along these lines posted below, but they become hard to find amongst the asinine bashing.

By the way, I have been many times to Quorn where the images were taken. The colours look pretty well captured to me.

"If you read Christian's blog you will see that these are just a couple of quick images posted from day 1 of a four day shoot."

Maybe that's the case, but since everybody has been looking forward to shots from the camera, it is totally predictable that people would expect quality from the first shots available.

To have completely throwaway shots be the first ones out there is pretty bad marketing on Fuji's part, and pretty bad judgement on the photographers'.

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (210 comments in total)

Featureless, colorless landscapes are such a great subject for showing off a new camera...

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